Very long Evolve video explains how the Progression System works in the game

If you missed the recent Evolve livesteam, then now you have an excellent opportunity to get to know more about one of the most important game's system - the Progression one - thanks to the new Evolve video, which was presented yesterday.

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jhoward5851453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Evolve has improved a lot.

I'm really curious to hear what the monster sounds like. The devs should add it in the game. The monster screeching could be useful in the game... to intimidate certain creatures to kill them off quicker. But using it will reveal where the monster is hiding.

awi59511453d ago

What do you mean improved it won wards at most trade shows. If you ever played left for dead multiplayer you wouldnt be worried at all.

jriquelme_paraguay1453d ago

Lost the hype on this one... but this can be a good thing.
But just 4v1 thing, im still not convinved. Loved L4D, but this is different

ic3fir31453d ago

I played the closed beta on the PC, and you'll change your mind, the game is very good and better than left4dead

jriquelme_paraguay1453d ago

really? im waiting my code. Redeemed for PC and PS4, a few times, few codes. Lol

ic3fir31453d ago

graphics are gorgeous, very good physics, the design of hunters is amazing, the atmosphere is perfect, sound is top quality, teamwork and variety of classes is huge