#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Accuses Interviewer of 'Hit Piece' Attack

Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat, joins David to discuss the #gamergate controversy and the threats against her; Brianna ends up accusing David of conducting a hit piece interview

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arbitor3653014d ago

the interviewer actually asks her challenging questions and doesnt just sit there agreeing with every single thing that comes out of her mouth and praising her as a victim?


NewMonday3014d ago

When she got one on one with a journalist actually doing his job she got freaked out and found herself out of the comfort zone of the GameJournoPros circle who bloated her ego.

NewMonday3014d ago

Throwing accusations is all what GameJournoPros, Gawker and co do.

GundalfDeGrej3014d ago

She got absolutely torn apart and rightfully so. She's desperately trying to make this whole thing about HER when it's blatantly obvious that it isn't and when anyone tries to point out her ignorance it's "harassment".

uth113014d ago

Exactly! I love how she's 'so scared she had to go into hiding' but amazing how journalists have no trouble finding her. Hmmmm....

arbitor3653014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

this is why Anita Sarkeesian doesnt debate her critics head on, or engage in interviews where the person isnt already 100% on her side (like the rolling stone interview, ughh).

these people cannot defend the claims the make about themselves and their enemies, the whole victim narrative. it just falls apart under scrutiny. so they need the biased media campaigns, the interviews, the speaking engagements. anything besides actually facing their critics.

absolutely pathetic. and these are the people who think they have "killed" and "defeated" the gamer identity?

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The story is too old to be commented.