Fatalities Confirmed for Mortal Kombat vs DC

Well, finally, the fatalities are back.

"GameSpot: Have you made any more headway on the fatality versus finishing

Ed Boon: Yes we have. All of the MK characters and all of the DC villains will have fatalities. The DC heroes who don't kill that often will have brutalities that will function just like fatalities but don't actually kill the opponent."

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MK_Red5874d ago

Thank God indeed.
I can finally perform fatality on Superman using Lex.

It's really cool that at least MK cast has fatalities. DC villains could have really sick ones too (I'm looking at Joker :D ).

pharmd5874d ago

yeah, i couldnt see a game deserving MK in it unless it had fatalities, they are part of what made MK so awesome in its hay day

Nevers5874d ago

Cuz a ton of people dropped interest in MK without FATALITY! Let alone that they were crossing universes... IMHO This is great news.

@MKRed> yeah Joker's gonna be sick...

????Have we heard of more chars? Bane? Doomsday? Riddler? Flash? Cat-Woman? etc?

MK_Red5874d ago

pharmd, so true. Now at least the game partially deserves the name MK.

Nevers, yeah. A lot of people lost interest in the game after initial news but this might bring some back.
As for villains, no one is announced yet but hopefully Joker and Doomsday make it (I'd love to crushSuperman with Dooms!).

sonarus5874d ago

awww mkred is happy again. MK vs DC can only be played on a playstation 3 due to the 360 silly d pad structure. When i push down sometimes it goes left and right WTF. Plus only the playstation 3 can fully realize Midway's vision for a 4d MK game

Vote sonarys for fanboy of the week:D

InMyOpinion5874d ago


You don't get my (dis)respect until I see your @ss in the open zone!

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P4KY B5874d ago

Who would win between batman and sub-zero?

I can't wait to find out.

MK_Red5874d ago

True but I got a feeling that you'd be rooting for Batman. Just a wild guess :D

Scorpion and Sub-Zero for me. MK-Rules!

wolfehound225874d ago

Interesting when I first heard of MK vs DC I was like most of you WTF. Now as new details come out I get a little more interested. Fatalities is defiantly a plus in my book. This is on my list but defiantly its leaning more towards a rent. Lets hope it turns out great and gets some solid reviews. At the very least lets hope for a demo.

MK_Red5874d ago

Well, even though I'm still hating Midway for betraying fans that have been waiting for ages for a true Mortal Kombat sequel and were promised a dark and gritty next-gen MK...
Lack of fatalities was BEYOND insulting. This is definitly a plus in my book too.

MK_Red5874d ago

Time to rip Superman's spine out. Ok... I know DC won't allow that but still, being able to perform fatalities on DC heroes using villains like Joker an Lex Luther is definitly welcome.

Nitrowolf25874d ago

Thank you now i might purchase this game

MK_Red5874d ago

1. Sic avy.
2. This is indeed good news and may increase this games status from rental to purchase though it's still pretty early to call it.