#GamerGate: Threats of Mass Shooting and Rape- Interview with Brianna Wu + Jennifer Allaway

The hashtag is a very familiar, if not unwelcome sight to those who monitor the industry as an indicator that vitriol and controversy will ensue. Organizers of the movement were able to affect advertising, news coverage and victimize those who are trying to make a difference.

Although Brianna has been attacked, she still believes Gamergaters at its core did have a point, “I would like to see game journalism as a whole, look at their very very close relations between the people that make the games and the people that cover the games.”

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Eonjay1507d ago

Well, the people who make the threats aren't gamers. They have nothing to do with it and you have to understand that hateful people always like to latch onto real issues and are basically using gamers as a cover. Gamers are really liberal by nature. We love woman. As horrible as this is, journalists will never get a pass.

We don't need a movement or a hashtag to know that journalists are corrupt. There time is limited and nothing is going to save them. Of course we speak out against violence. And this abuse needs to stop, but its not being perpetuated by gamers to begin with.

buttclown1507d ago

Agreed. Most of them (us) are also trying to get harassing, doxing, etc. info pulled from websites such as twitter yet none of that has hardly seen the light of day by these journolists.

Massacred1507d ago

Here's the thing.

What all these, sites seem to fail to understand is that GamerGate has nothing. Literally zero interest in "Harassing Women"

I have talked to a dozen different people supporting the ideas set forth;

(ahearing to a code of ethics)

Not one single person listed sending death threats as something they had any interest in. In fact, I had to bring it up, and when I did they agree that any doing so should be reported and repremanded.

What seems to lost in this narrative is that the people support GamerGate ARE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE SENDING THESE ABSURD THREATS.

Just look around you there is no evidence of this at all. As a matter of fact there is much evidence to support the claim that the same people who send threats to these women Have also sent threats to supports of the GG idea!

How can so many fail to understand this?

ScottyHoss1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Yeah at this point I'm 100% sure the journalists are going to try and cover this up by associating it with misogyny, either that or they are downright stupid. It's an old tactic that wears my patience thin, because I honestly don't know why they think it will work, I know GG is for better ethics, freedom to the players, and such, you all do too, the only ones being fooled here are them.

N4G, let's not let them try to cover up our movement, as gamers, to push for better ethics, by insulting our ideals to the very core. We're not mysogynists, and we know that, let's keep fighting.

TheStrokes1507d ago

Wise words.
It's like every other form of internet troll. They have no interest in the subject they're posting about. All they care about is either trying to hurt, offend and spread disinformation. Obviously you do get some that know the person or has a personal vendetta against them.
but the more exposure this gets, the longer it's going to carry on.
Don't you just love trolls.

uth111507d ago

It's pretty clear that some of the twitter threats produced by Anita Sarkeesian are fake. Why?

- On her screencap she was not signed into twitter
- There was nothing in her search bar
- she screencapped it 12 seconds after they were sent. How did she find them and screencap them in 12 seconds if she didn't sign in and didn't search?
- The account that sent them was created to send the threats. You can tell from the tweet count.

It's entirely consistent with someone creating a fake account, writing threatening tweets to their real account, signing out and taking a screen cap.

If there's a way they could be legit, I'd like to hear the explanation. Right now it smells rotten to the core!

And yet she's one of the ones that the media has held up as one of the victims, smearing gamers.

3-4-51506d ago

* Gamers called out Journalists for their Lies, and now those journalists are "getting even", by abusing their positions of "power", to lie and mislead the public into thinking all gamers are bad.

Basically this:

* People A, lied.

* People B, tried to inform everyone that people A are lying.

* Instead of being professionals, or grown adults with dignity,ethics &integrity, they decided to be little children and make up lies on the internet.

* All they had to do is OUT THOSE amongst them that were lying, so as not to get lumped in with them.

* Now a bunch of lesser media sites are backing up People A....the liars.

* Why are these other media sites backing them up ?

BECAUSE they don't want to be exposed for their lies, and they don't want to stop lying.

They want to deflect attention away from the real issue like some kind of illusionists.

Look at me left hand waving around, while I pull the trick with my right hand.....

* Everytime they print an article like this, they are building evidence against themselves.

Eventually, somebody should take them to court for Slander.

* They would have to prove everything they say in court.

They would be exposed and expose themselves as liars, and be found guilty of slander.

They would have to testify under oath.

All the fake accounts they made, and fake threads would be exposed.

* We could then FINALLY figure out who those trolls were representing themselves as GG.

I'd be willing to bet they are actually associate with the anit-GG crowd.

Most likely paid to keep the lies going, and the fake threats happening.

No doubt....Some of those trolls threats were real and those pieces of scum are just horrible people.

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aksmashh1507d ago

People should be responsible for there actions

Both sides

pompombrum1507d ago

Wow I managed to go a whole 24 hours without seeing some BS Gamergate slandering topic, that's a new record, I guess I should expect to see at least another one or two today.

SoulMikeY1507d ago

Dramacydal, you're an idiot.

So it's not a big deal for someone to say they're going to rape a dude, but the second a female is brought up "OH MY GOD, MYSOGINY!". No. Females have more rights and privledges than males so can it. I'm not saying it's okay to walk around threatening people, but with people like Zoe Quinn and ANYONE she was involved with, go ahead. Call that disgusting slut a disgusting slut. No one's going to do anything in real life.

And so everyone knows, over half of the people sitting in jail on "rape" charges are innocent. So keep in mind that many females wrongly use that.

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OmegaShen1507d ago

This is why I think we will start seeing Internet police.

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