Lords of the Fallen Hands-On Preview Video (Console Monster)

Console Monster shares its hands-on gameplay footage of Lords of the Fallen, where Sam narrates his thoughts on the game as he tackles the early part of the game in Console Monster's hands-on preview for the game.

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Forn1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Looks interesting for sure. Could very well be the next game I pick up. Hope it's not quite as choppy and the screen tearing is fixed in the final release build.

starchild1673d ago

Yeah, hopefully. It might just be in the video. I'm getting the PC version, but I hope the experience is good for PS4 and XB1 gamers as well. The game does look promising.

thekhurg1673d ago

This is the second video I've seen that has screen tearing. Going to lose day one sale from me because of it. Will wait on performance analysis articles before buying now.