Lords Of The Fallen Dev Responds To Early Previews Criticism & Offers Answers On Various Questions

A lot of previews popped up recently about Lords of the Fallen and since reviewers/previewers expressed a number of annoyances regarding CI Games' upcoming action RPG, the team behind it felt the need to address most of them.

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rawshack1676d ago

i still have faith in this game regardless

Spenok1676d ago

This game looks awesome, and those, "Criticisms" seemed pretty baseless. They were complaining about weight? Really? This game is very much like dark souls, and LOW AND BEHOLD, Dark Souls also has a system just like this...

Ravenheartzero1676d ago

I like what I have seen so far, I'll be checking it out.

Game4life1676d ago

i cancelled my preorder for now. If it is not good, then no harm done to me. If it is good, Maybe, I'll rush out to buy it or just wait for the price to drop since I'm kinda broke

MasterCornholio1676d ago

It does look interesting but I'll wait for the reviews to determine if the game has any game breaking flaws.

PeaSFor1676d ago

i just dont care about reviews anymore, i cant count how many times i hated praised gamed from bloggers ("reviewers") and totally enjoyed games that were bashed by sensationalistic "gaming medias".

right now, pretty much every douche on the internet can call himself a "reviewer" anyway.

wsoutlaw871676d ago

Just the huge amount of people making "reviews" and the range of like 5 points between these reviews, show just how stupid listening to game reviews is.

shallowpoint1676d ago

Bravo took the words right out of my mouth!!!

OB1Biker1676d ago

Most previews I read/watched were very good actually. Only a few 'gamers' complain because...well because that s what they do

Muadiib1676d ago

Epicnamebro's was legit.

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