PlayStation LifeStyle: PlayStation TV Review – Not Quite There Yet

"PlayStation TV would be a great alternative to the usual streaming boxes if it had any of the usual streaming services. At this point it is an awesome supplemental piece for homes looking to expand the reach of their PS4s, as well as allowing for Vita games to be played on a TV, but without the ability for multiple accounts to use it and the glaring missing features, the PlayStation TV has a few adjustments to make before it becomes an essential piece of the PlayStation gamer’s home entertainment set up."

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KiwiViper851678d ago

Can we now say that PS4 is more TV focused than the Xbox One? Strange to think of it that way, considering how Xbox One was revealed.

francisjairam161678d ago

Kinda funny how Sony fans bashed the Xbox One for TV but now they are defending their console because it has TV