PlayStation TV gets some great price reductions

NSG: PlayStation TV is a neat device that lets you play a selection of Vita games on your TV using a DualShock controller. What we find especially useful though is the PS4 streaming for playing your PS4 on a different TV in the house. Moving your PS4 up and downstairs is set to become a thing of the past. This sounds cheaper than buying a new PS4 when you inevitably fumble it too.

These latest US/UK prices are amongst the best we’ve ever seen for new units. There are some preowned options too to chip a few extra bucks off.

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Eidolon1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I might hold out for a $20-$30 PS TV with a memory card during Black Friday.

ABizzel11310d ago

If you're looking for a PS4 as well, I think Best Buy is bundling in the PSTV with the PS4 on Cyber Monday.

Death1310d ago

The cheapest memory card costs more than $20. You are essentially saying you would buy a memory card if they discount it and give you a free PSTV.

Eidolon1310d ago

I got my memory cards off eBay, 2 4GB's for $5 ea, 8gb for $10, and 16GB for $20.

DragoonsScaleLegends1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Wow what fake or lucky prices even for used vita cards.

Current cheapest used vita card prices on US eBay:

4GB: $12 - 8GB: $20 - 16GB: $35 - 32GB: $55 - 64GB: $88

Personally anything less than 64GB is not enough and it's not worth more than $20.

Eidolon1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

100% real and from U.S. non top-sellers, used/pre-owned, obviously, but they work perfectly and I have had no issues, and can't tell them apart from my friends' who bought them from retail. I got them about a year ago, and I waited for the $5 per 4GB, I sniped a couple, low-ball best offered on the others and yeah, I guess I lucked out.

SmokingMonkey1310d ago

I remote play at work on the PC monitor with my PSTV.

Very cool little gadget, especially under $50.

People LOVED the reveal.

Agent_00_Revan1310d ago

I was one of them. Held so much promise.

Agent_00_Revan1310d ago

What it really needs is some support. I've had 2 for a while now, and they're great. Love being able to remote play in other rooms or even when I'm away from home. Just wish it got better support and more features. It had so much potential, but Sony just kind of brushed it under the rug

1310d ago
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