Sony Discontinues Shipments of PlayStation Vita TV in Japan

Sony added to the official Japanese listing of the PlayStation Vita TV, or PlayStation TV as it’s called in the west, the label “出荷完了,” which means “End of Shipments.” This means that shipping of the home spin-off of the PS Vita will be discontinued in the country.

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PhoenixUp2476d ago

That's a huge blow for the device in that region

Abriael2476d ago

I wouldn't call it more a huge blow than selling like 400 units a week :D

MegaRay2475d ago Show
Mikefizzled2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Yes but that is wholly irrelevant. It's common knowledge that Xbox is on life support in Japan. Vita is presumed to be almost flourishing with insanely high attachment rates and a near never ending supply of Japanese games.

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MegaRay2475d ago

I was just joking. You people has no sense of humor, and who get offended by xbone sales in Japan anyway? Haha

Pogmathoin2475d ago

Again, once you venture outside of gaming, no one cares....

johndoe112112475d ago


The vita is flourishing, the vita tv is not. That's sony's own fault. I bought that device the second it released in the west and it just wasn't the device I expected. I love my vita, it gets used almost every day but I have no idea what sony was thinking with the pstv. No netflix app, they removed the facebook and youtube apps and the games selection is limited compared to the vita. That device was doomed to fail.

rainslacker2475d ago

Kind of a shame really. It's a nifty little device, and if it's priced anything like we see over here in the states, I can't imagine why people wouldn't get one just because. Heck, I spend more taking the fiancee out for dinner every week or so....and I think she enjoys playing games more than having dinner with me...which I why I brought her her own Vita for Valentines, so I could have mine back.

Off topic above a bit, just wanted to say it's a cool little device.

I think the long term value of these things is going to go way up. They aren't as ubiquitous as the Vita itself, and being able to hook it up to a TV is more desirable to a lot of collectors. In the mean time, I keep two in the house. One for the game one, and one strapped to the back of my bedroom TV.

kreate2475d ago

Im not sure why i bought a ps tv... It was on sale and came w a ds3.

I havnt opened it yet but now i regret buying it.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The XB1 would sell like the PS4 in Japan if it had a good selection of Japanese exclusive games but it doesn't.

I actually think the Vita could make a comeback if it dropped in price to $150 and supported Micro SD cards but Sony doesn't seem interested in their own product anymore.

Whxian2475d ago

i think they tried to give xbox 360 a good selection of japanese games back when it launched in japan, not sure that helped them much though, even a game like ToV went to xbox 360, and now the series is back to playstation

sanosukegtr1232475d ago

Planning on buying my 3rd vita for my ps4.

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shadowT2475d ago

Good news. PS TV was a bad product. Beside Remote Play its useless.

Knushwood Butt2475d ago

It's not a bad product.

Have to admit that I haven't used mine for a while though.

KentBenMei2475d ago

Great product, you're just not smart enough to understand it.

DC7772475d ago

That's too bad. I like mine. For 25 bucks I can't complain. I do wish it had Netflix but at least it has Hulu. Lots of PSP games on there and the streaming is good most of the time.

Evil-Gouki2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Vita next.

Watch this space, had centresoft on the phone Friday, selling the last batch (In uk at least)

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