Let's draw a line under GamerGate

The GamerGate "movement" claims to care about ethical practice. So why are so many in the games industry receiving constant threats and abuse?

Continue Play's Dale Morgan discusses GamerGate, the implications on the industry if it's allowed to continue dictating the tone of videogame debate, and states a desire for all gamers to distance themselves from the GamerGate movement and remember that discussion of important issues and ethics is absolutely important - but so is personal responsibility and a person's right to feel safe and not be censored by threats of violence.

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Dark_Overlord1675d ago

Yawn, typical..... another one sided biased article against gamersgate.....

I guess it's only gamersgate followers doing the doxxing, constant abuse etc etc

oh wait no it isn't, if your going to write an article at least make sure ITS FACTUAL and IN NO WAY BIASED to one side.

It's funny how articles in support of gamersgate make note of the fact that there are radicals amongst the followers (which they are trying to stop no less), yet anti GG supporters write trashy biased crap.

ContinuePlay1675d ago

The article acknowledges that the abuse isn't one-sided and that moderate supporters of GamersGate have also faced abuse.

Dark_Overlord1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Ah yes

"and it’s also true that some supporters of GamerGate have, themselves, received abuse, behaviour which is equally unacceptable."

whilst for the support of anti GG it goes

"But the GamerGate movement, and the ease with which people can associate themselves with it, has led to a series of instances where women – and men – have been threatened with rape and murder, suffered persistent abuse, libellous claims about their public and private lives and their work, and has seen people driven from their homes out of fear. All of this culminated last week in the threat of a killing spree if Anita Sarkeesian attended a planned lecture at a University in Utah. The police and FBI were contacted and an investigation has been launched to find the source of the threat, but out of fear for safety and that of others, Sarkeesian cancelled the appearance.

This is the truth about GamerGate – it claims to want transparency, truth and to support freedom of speech, but the ongoing actions of many of its supporters have spread lies, false accusations, and actually denied the right of free speech to its targets through persistent malicious attacks and threats on their target’s – and others’ – safety and careers."

Not very fair really is it, one line versus a whole paragraph of smear? Shall I link you to the constant lies that and constant abuse anti GG protesters also engage in?

As I said, seems pretty one sided from your article

ContinuePlay1675d ago

Well to be fair, the abuse being aimed at GamerGate isn't anywhere near the same degree as the scale of the abuse being aimed at people that some supporters of GamerGate take issue with. If you're able to provide one credible example of death threats and concentrated harassment experienced by a GamerGate supporter, then by all means do so.

Abuse of anyone - no matter what they believe, or what side they take in this or any other debate - is utterly unacceptable. But to say that the abuse is equally as bad on both sides in this matter is rather disingenuous, and only serves as an attempt to undermine the severity of what has happened.

Dark_Overlord1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Harassment of GG supporters contained within

and even here

oh and as for GG supporters making death and rape threats, you may want to check up all of your facts first

As well as the previous articles highlighting false claims, there's also

and even this that puts forth a very convincing case

"But to say that the abuse is equally as bad on both sides in this matter is rather disingenuous, and only serves as an attempt to undermine the severity of what has happened. "

I'm not, I'm saying one side is being far more toxic than the other and even going as far as lying to the police to further their corrupt agenda. Anita Sarkeesian has never produced one shred of evidence to show the threats were from GG supporters, but that hasn't stopped her from running with it has it?

It's funny, Anti GG state things as facts with no evidence and are believed, yet GG supporters show evidence yet are constantly ignored by the media, I wonder why?

Even when interviewed you can see notice the hostility from one side, i'll let you decide which

-Foxtrot1675d ago

If you actually did you research you'll see GamerGate has received more abuse then just a bunch of females.

GamerGate tries to talk about video game journalist corruption while SJW try to distract them from the REAL ISSUE by talking about them "hating on women". This results in GG having to defend themselves from this false, over exaggerated claims so the real issue is covered up

As the real issue is covered up, game journalists sit back and laugh at all the pawns they used to cover their arses.

BluFish1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

The first sentence above set the tone very quickly. You don't take GamerGate seriously.

I'm not pro or anti GamerGate, but I don't have to click the link to know which side you're on.

Spotie1675d ago

The article fails to acknowledge the perpetrators are only latching onto the cause, rather than being representative of it.

You know better.

We know you know better.

Cut this shit out, will you?

CaptainObvious8781675d ago

Many may call me a fool, but I believe one day the anti-gamergate crowd will stop pathetically trying to derail the conversation by claiming we're all a bunch of harassers and ACTUALLY talk about the corruption in games "journalism".

It may take a few years. It may take non-gamers coming into the argument and calling them out on their sh*t, but I have faith.

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pompombrum1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Why is it that GG gets so much hate because of just some vocal people who claim to support it? I thought GG was supposed to be a "movement" if you will, they stand for something and people either support it or disagree with it. The actions of supporters are their own and do not necessarily reflect that of the ideals of what they claim to support, so why is it that GG is getting all the stick?

Menkyo1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Because the movement is winning. The movement is stripping away advertizers, money and supporters while keeping the perssure on the games journo and gaming industry to clean up its act. This is the last ditch efforts of the anti GG people and the industry to steer the conversation away from ethics and corruption to social justice issues which has never been what the movement is about. People like Anita need controversy to stay relevant and make money with out it no one would know or care who or what Anita was which is a non gamer using gaming to make a political statement to gain power and notoriety in the feminist movement. its just classic distraction tactics and its not work in thats why they turned to major media who are usually clueless their supporting the wrong side.

oof461675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Both sides of the argument are also full of trolls who do the industry no favors with their antics.

Menkyo1675d ago

So is anything involving humans; religion, politics, arts you name it doesnt mean it shouldn't get support.

Juste_Belmont1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Don't forget that Anita is also using all of this to get money for doing as little work as she possibly can. I'm surprised she was even asked to speak at a university. I guess the guy who holds a "homeless, please help sign" during the day and drives home in his BMW at night was busy that day.

Oh, and the threats supposedly directed at her were investigated by the police and declared as not of any real consequence, but she refused to speak after police refused to search people on campus without cause. To that I say, who is this woman again and why is she significant?

uth111675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Because the SJW types ALWAYS get uncritical treatment in the media.

I'm not sure if it's because journalists are sympathetic to their causes or if they are afraid of being smeared as misogynists, racists, etc. Maybe a little of both, Because as everybody can see, if you disagree with these people in the slightest, they become relentless bullies and you are public enemy #1.

kamundo1675d ago

Oh look! Another biased hit piece trying to get rid of GamerGate. It's not going anywhere, and in fact its winning. Journos have had years to get their act together, and have shown that they have no interest in doing so. So be it, you reap what you sow.

BO-FLEXIN1675d ago

If gamergate has taught me anything its that almost all journalism is rotten to the core. No matter how much everyone wants to flip the issue. The fiasco started when Zoe Quinn slept with 5 coworkers for her game to get hype her game but since then it has turned into a moronic yelling match. Now I see sites I used to trust like huffington post and New York Times reporting complete misinformation about gamergate. I don't care for either side but one thing is certain. Even if we tried to cut out the corruptions out of modern journalism (not just gaming) there would be nothing left.

Menkyo1675d ago

Good reboot it then and start fresh.

Juste_Belmont1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Journalism in America sucks. There really is no other way to put it. News companies care more now about money or their political connections than actually reporting the news and being that extra check on the government like they used to. Nixon may not have been a good man, but Watergate was child's play compared to what's gone on under the last few presidents.

I'm surprised you've just now lost trust in the Huffington Post and especially the New York Times, considering that when Ed Snowden gave them the documents about the NSA, they sat on it before finally asking president Obama what they could release before they ran the story. I wonder what Nixon would have said if he had been asked what could be said about Watergate before they printed that story.

Gamers care enough to at least try to hold their journalists accountable, but I guess the rest of America could care less about what they see on the news.

ContinuePlay1674d ago

That's completely false. The claims about Zoe Quinn were that she slept with ONE journalist to get positive coverage. Except the positive coverage doesn't exist. The story was made up by a vindictive ex trying to trash her life over something she didn't do.

BO-FLEXIN1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

How can you debate this if there is direct evidence of Zoe sleeping with all these men who have given her game some form of positive source? Her boyfriends motives are completely irrelevant if Zoe herself is the one who admits to doing this. Hell one of the men was even her boss. How does this not constitute a breach of journalistic integrity.

Google Zoepost

Juste_Belmont1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


Like that?

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