Lords of the Fallen Dev Talks About Tech, PC & Consoles

"Our massive interview with Lords of the Fallen dev Michele Giacalone is finally published. We talked about the game, PC, consoles and development techniques."

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LavaLampGoo1678d ago

This game, looks really interesting. Lots of good information, can't wait to play it.

Alexious1678d ago

If you have a lot of money to build a PC, it's always going to be better.

decrypt1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Well techincally PC is a one time investment. My secondary rig is now 6 years old. Features a I5 750 CPU from 2008. All it needed was a GPU upgrade for next gen games. So it was outperforming the previous consoles when i first built it and today it carries on beating the new consoles.

Funnily enough it just needed a 300usd(could have been even done with a 200usd gpu) GPU upgrade to make that happen. Meanwhile it can still play all my games bought last gen. No pay to go online fees, and cheaper price per game even today.

All it needed was a new heat sink to overclock to 4ghz and a GPU. Its again Set for another generation of console ass whooping.

So yea i could argue that system cost me way less then any console could cost me. Not to mention even if i did choose to completely remake that system I wouldnt need to buy Casing, HDDS, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, RAM, DVD drive, OS all over again which would significantly cut the cost of upgrading it(making it new basically).

Hence no i would think console gaming is much more expensive if you just dig a little deeper into the facts beyond.

Vegamyster1678d ago

You don't need lots of money, the investment is only a $100-$300 more than a console if you build it yourself but you're not paying for online and games are continuously on sale through many different sites.

s45gr321678d ago

Only $500-$600 needed to build a PC for games.

GamingTruth1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

unfortunately the pc advantage is only seen in multiplats which sony and microsoft dont build their platforms to be competitive vs pc in else theyed build platforms that could easily destroy any pc, but that wouldnt be cost effective

exclusives is where i dont see that pc advantage sorry pc fans

Vegamyster1677d ago


Exclusives is all personal preference, C&C, StarCraft, Total War, Company of Heroes, LoL, Dota, Divinity, Wasteland 2, Civilization are all great exclusives (C&C has a few games on consoles but the controls and framerate just don't work well.) + mod support for games like Fallout, TeS ect.

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kaiserfranz1678d ago

Nice interview. I hope to see VXGI, Async Compute and DX12 all in action very soon!

In 2-3 years, I bet that games will look much better than they do now.

Aurenar1678d ago

PC is a better "gaming machine" than consoles.

Alexious1678d ago

Provided that you have the money, yes. Otherwise, probably not

decrypt1678d ago

Negative console gaming is expensive. Check hidden costs.

GamingTruth1677d ago

initial costs is what matters and consoles cant crash

markyboy21811678d ago

according to latest previews this game will b bargain bin by xmas trying to hard to copy dark souls but with no personallity or character gameplay artwork bosses very underwhelming

starchild1678d ago

Hey we have a negative nancy here. It seems like all you post is negative crap. You were just in the Dragon Age Inquisition article bashing that game too.

Personally, Darks Souls is the one that is lacking personality. The gameplay is good, but the storytelling, characters and graphics are all sub par. I'm not saying it is bad, but it definitely has its weak points. Lords of the Fallen at least has the potential to tell a better story with more interesting characters.

We'll see how it turns out, but so far it seems fairly promising.

Alexious1678d ago

Which previews have you read? Because I have read the complete opposite so far.

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