Driveclub Review - The Digital Fix

For a game that is designed to be a social event and built that way, the level of failure is perhaps the greatest seen in a long time - maybe ever. The lack of fully operational online functionality is hurting the game’s quality and there are so many things reminding you of this problem, not least the tips on each loading screen talking about everything online.

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caseh1460d ago

Referring to the online component: "The community will have moved on before it’s sorted."

Have to say I agree, I've not bothered in the past few days and i'm considering selling it before it gets ruined again by the PS+ release and ends up in the bargain bins.

abstractel1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

For me personally, I enjoy it despite the social features not working. I agree it's a huge f-up, but it's still a really fun racing game with tracks that feel different every time you play them because of the changing conditions.

Compare this to Need for Speed Shift and this is easily as good even without the social features and I would argue better because of the variations of the tracks due to the procedural weather. Just the position of the sun makes a difference, and driving at night makes a huge difference.

New-gen games are being very harshly judged IMO. Killzone Shadowfall is at least as good as Killzone 3 with a longer campaign and a better MP yet reviewed way lower. Infamous SS did lack in content but it was as good and in many aspects better than Infamous 2 yet reviewed lower. First Light was fantastic at $15 with a great story. Knack wasn't amazing, but I enjoyed it enough to platinum it. A low 8 (very low 8, but still an 8 IMO).

Driveclub f-ed up, especially with the extra year dev time, but it's still a great racer compared to last-gen equivalent that I will keep playing once the weather patch comes out and cars/tracks are released.

All these 5s is just ridiculous. If it had been a third party studio no one had heard of, this game would have gotten low 8s across the board.

abstractel1460d ago

Also, what I think people seem to forget is that the media have tonnes of friends to play with -- coworkers. There are no accurate numbers of how many people play MP and how popular it is compared to SP games.

Will Arkham Knight sell less because if it doesn't have MP? Doubtful looking at the past. AC Unity will sell based on the SP campaign with a group playing it for co-op. MP has its audience, but so does SP, those of us grown up enough who don't work in the games media and can't really coordinate with friends when to play all that often.

Again, Driveclub f-up on the social aspect that they touted so much and there's no excuse given all the extra time they got but it's still a damn fun game.

caseh1460d ago

To be honest regardless of the review scores these games have received i'm yet to be convinced that the PS4 is worth owning. The scores may be ridiculous or harsh but in my opinion not a lot has lived up to what we were being sold.

People can argue that Driveclub can't be compared to the likes of GT5/6 but how can a comparison not be made. This is honestly how i'm looking at them:

- Hello, i'm GT. I have over 1000 cars to choose from with awesome tuning/tweaking options, custom sound tracks, a working online mode etc etc blah blah I could go on but I don't have to...I'M GT!

- Hello, i'm DC. I have 50 cars to choose from but you can't tune them at all, my online is kinda broken but I look really nice and at some point i'll have dynamic weather. *groan* i'm DC.

Honestly, it's kinda embarrassing.

badz1491460d ago

yeah, just focus on the online issue and ignore everything else that is great about a racing game like the handling, graphics and details and give it 5/10 because the online part is not working! I doubt the gameplay deserve a 5/10 because it's freakin solid and the events are fun.

I'm not saying that the online issue is false either but I have my fair share of online races already and it's very skill based and competitive.

personally, as a racing game, I would rate it 8/10 because of the gorgeous graphic, great handling, good AI, well design tracks and awesome cars and I got it for cheap too upgrading from PS+! but for having a short campaign, just 50 cars (EU cars only WTH?), just 5 countries, no weather yet and broken online, the overall score I would give would be 7/10!

SonyWarrior1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

im just going to play it till i get platinum trophy it is easy to do im 53% so far only a few more that require the online functions to work. then i'm selling it. I got every single star in the tour mode thinking there would for sure be a trophy for it but nope just a really ugly car paint job gets unlocked

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1460d ago

With a site with Green and White as it's main colors which console do you think it favors?

Transparent and oh so obvious.

Septic1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

"With a site with Green and White as it's main colors which console do you think it favors? "

Ahahahahahaha! You're joking right?

Please tell me that was sarcasm. Surely.

Multiplatguy1460d ago

How very paranoid you must be to make the claim that they must be fanboys because they use Green on their website.

A lot of reviews are quite low for Driveclub because of it's woes. You can't just blame the low review scores on favoritism because right now, most people favor the Playstation.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1460d ago

You cannot be serious. Tell me I am being punk'd.
It is not even the same green, let know what? I am not even!

andibandit1460d ago

Why is your nose shaped like a triangle??


Ging_Freecs1460d ago

LOL XD. That was hilarious dude lol.

Aquariusgamer1460d ago

Triangles have three corners. Three.

Half-Life 3 confirmed as driveclub dlc.

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twdll1460d ago

It can't be that bad.

caseh1460d ago

If you read the review, what's been said about the game overall is positive. It's simply the fact that the game is constantly reminding you about club features, online this and online that yet that aspect is effectively broken.

Would be no different if Destiny was like 'go fight in the crucible!' in every loading screen but not have that section of the game available.

sovkhan1460d ago

Even with it broken netcode BF4 has had more favors from reviewers than DC...

Doesn't mean it was a failure, the same goes for DC, it ain't a failure and 5/10 for such a game is brutal and unfair.

Protoss1460d ago

I'd say that a 5/10 is overly generous for such a flop of a racing game that was hyped up to be the forza killer.

Caffo011460d ago

says someone who never played it..

Xsilver1460d ago

play the game before you call it a flop my little brother only plays league of legends but i came home and caught him playing DC and he told me he loved it and played it for four straight hours then my friend came over he doesn't like racing at all doesn't own any but played DC (he lost 40 times in one race :D) now he's apart of my club cause he bought the game right after and i play DC everyday trying to master the cars and beat everyone's times even tho the leader-board doesn't seem to work correctly at the moment.

okmrman1460d ago

I played it and guess what?
It sucks.

Gotta love my room mate. He buys every game under the sun. That will save me 60 bucks for gta

sovkhan1456d ago

In many ways DC sweeps the floor with Forza...but it launch fiasco helps mitigate this perception.

The only thing that forza has is more contents,but hey it's its second iteration, no wonders here!!!

But you can prefer forza, i won't get less pleasure from my DC...It will only get better and better.

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ExPresident1460d ago


I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember very clearly not being able to play Battlefield 4 AT ALL for nearly an entire month, and then after that I was all I could do to not rage quit over the rubber banding.

All that being said BF4 was given some pretty high review scores. Shame.

I haven't played DC tho so I can't comment about that.

Caffo011460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

and i remember having to start the campaign again and again because of the save file deleting itself.. offline and online with lot of issues and it still got high review scores..ppl pretending dc launch is worse than bf4 is trolling hard..

uth111460d ago

I drove on one of the Norway tracks last night, and swear there were snowflakes hitting my windshield. They haven't released the weather yet, right?

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