Forza Horizon 2 Sells 366K First Week, Xbox One Sales up 25%

"The Microsoft first party title Forza Horizon 2 launched with sales of 366,457 units combined. The game is available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The majority of the sales were on the Xbox One where it sold 265,969 units. The game sold 100,488 units on the Xbox 360.

Nearly half of the sales were in the USA where it sold 176,995 units combined. The game also sold well in Europe with sales of 138,260 units."

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BiggerBoss1511d ago

I expected it to sell a bit more than that, especially since it scored very highly and I see a commercial for it multiple times . I guess racing games just don't sell that well anymore

aceitman1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

What's with the combined thing.y not say what sales are for each console 265,000 x1, and 106,000 360. Makes it look like a spin on sales. I'm very surprised how low the 360 version sold . I expected it to sell more than x1 with the install base of 360. It held its own on 360 .

trunkswd1511d ago

The first paragraph has both combined and individual sales. How is that spinning?

aceitman1511d ago

@trunkswd.what about MAKES IT LOOK like a spin on sales. Makes it look.

TomShoe1511d ago

Calm down you guys. Chartz.

mikeslemonade1511d ago

Combining the sales in the title is spin. There's spin in a lot of things. This case would a slight case of spin.

Chartz is cool and give me disagrees!

Septic1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

The first Horizon game didnt sell much so wouldnt be surprised about low sales for this one.

Would be a shame for Playground games though. They've made one of the best racers in years and one set to easily be the best racer of this year.

Why o why1511d ago

I don't rate vg so I'll guess forza done better. Its been advertised well and is one of the highest rated scores this gen.

donthate1511d ago

Combining the individual sales numbers in the title can be viewed as spin, but how else are you to put it in the title?

You can split it up, but it just becomes messy. The franchise itself sold that, so why not just state that.

If they didn't specify the actual split, then that would seem like more spin to me, but reality is, all numbers are "spin". They want it to sound good, not bad!

DawginTow11511d ago

From what I heard, the 360 version was pretty bad. Horrible grfx (not just compared to xbone version, but compared to FH1), w/ bald, foliage-free countryside, flat textures everywhere; cars themselves were said 2 b nice tho, just crappy environments. Weird bugs, like crashing into invisible walls on freeways during races.

Sum1 described it as "unfinished", like sumthin shown to journalists behind closed doors during alpha/early-beta. Maybe word got around to potential 360 customers b4 they purchased? (Even w/ the complete lack of 360 reviews, which I guess was a bad sign already)

Septic1511d ago


Not true. Digital Foundry even did a test of the 360 one and the 360 version is extremely impressive. FH2 runs incredibly well on the 360.

NewMonday1511d ago

Overtracked, NPD shows FH2 sold only 120K combined in America

UltimateMaster1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

That's not very good. ? :

Droidbro1511d ago

"The first paragraph has both combined and individual sales. How is that spinning?"

Fanboy logic. That's how.

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tinynuggins1511d ago

Guys, it's just the first week of sales, not lifetime sales.

denawayne1511d ago

Still have the holidays. It'll probably be discounted.

PONTIAC08G8GT1511d ago

It's also a racing game and normally racing games aren't big/crazy sellers. Don't forget, lots of games have come out recently and also upcoming so maybe people need to pick and choose what they buy.

No_Limit1511d ago

This doesn't include digital sales guys. I myself bought the digital copy so the sales is higher than what is being reported. Also, racing games don't sell that high anymore except for the UK nowadays so a lower sales was expected regardless of what the score is. It will be a million seller on XB1 so it will be a success in the end like the first Forza Horizon.

BG115791511d ago

The funny thing is that virtual sales are the easiest to follow. If they wanted they could give us the exact amount of games sold.
So why don't they release any numbers of this? Can someone explain?

n4rc1511d ago

Bought mine digitally as well

And its the ace in the hole.. Everyone can predict sales all they want but nobody knows the truth.. They probably like keeping it that way..

But.. In reality its probably to not upset their retail partners.

VealParmHero1511d ago

I don't know why all the disagrees. I also got the digital. But yea, you're right. Same goes for any game in these lists, no digital sales included, and digital is becoming more and more popular.

Volkama1511d ago

Discs are for magpies. And people that like to sell things I guess.

Horizon 2 deserves far better sales than that though, it's a fantastic game.

mcstorm1511d ago

Im with no limit too I got the digital version as I am going to do with all my games on the xbox one. The only 2 disk based games I have on my xbox one are Forza 5 as I got it with the console and Titanfall as it was a present the rest I have digital.

I hope this game hits 1 million sales as it deserves it for the its my game of the year on the xbox one.

green1511d ago

I also got the digital version. Have not bought a single physical disc for my X1 yet and do not think I will.

Spotie1511d ago

But wait. If this was a Playstation game, these numbers would be auto flop.

That's not even taking into consideration that this is on two consoles, not one.

And please, stop trying to use digital as an excuse. If the numbers were significant, Microsoft would have said something, as they usually do.

Gunstar751511d ago

Pre-loaded mine digitally also!

n4rc1509d ago

But ol spotie wants to use conjecture and bs instead of using a simple sample of the comments in here.. Or anywhere..

Digital sales are huge.. There are reasons nobody ever publicially announces them. Just because they arent shouting it from rooftops doesn't mean they dont exist

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tgunzz1511d ago

These numbers have not topped off I'm sure... Xb1 gamers shouldn't miss what is arguably the benchmark for racers... My highest recommendation... Game on.

poppinslops1511d ago

I bought the full version yesterday...

This game is good enough to keep selling well over time - like Titanfall... Horizon's only real competition is Forza 5, unless 'the Crew' somehow comes good.

tgunzz1511d ago

@poppinslops, salute, and enjoy!

DeadlyOreo1511d ago


Judging by the pretty good sales, I'd say Driveclub is a decent competitor to Forza H2. But in terms of quality, yeah I'd think we'd have to wait for Gran Turismo on that one.

smellslikeralph1510d ago


I have both driveclub and FH2. Driveclub is decent but not great the experience has been poor on driveclub, had it since launch and i have barely connected to any races and mkst of the time online is offline.

Imo FH2 is far better in every aspect. Being i posted this on a Sony fanboy site ill be stoned to death

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3-4-51511d ago

I think people forget to factor in that some games sell pretty good for a long period of time.

* At any point from here until fall 2015, if you want a Driving game on XB1, your most likely getting FH2.

Sale will be steady and increase a bit during christmas, but I expect a game like this to sell decently for a good year or so.

You can apply this to a lot of high quality games.

Certain games are great for initial sales and others are pretty good, but also have strong sales over a long period of time.

die_fiend1511d ago

Terrible sales for a terribly good game

Chris121511d ago

Can you confirm the numbers of digital sales? No? Then all these opinions are irrelevant as no-one knows the real numbers

D-riders1511d ago

Racing games sell. Just for a doesn't do the huge numbers people think. Gt5 outsold the whole series I'm pretty sure

DoubleM701511d ago

Yall Mofo spin everything. Christmas is coming up my son has it on his list of games he want. Relax those sales numbers are pretty good for the second place system.

CervantesPR11511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Driveclub sold 1 million lol driving games sell very well,forza was just on xbox one the console that has the lowest intall base.once Gran turismo 7 drops it will sell 13 million copies Gran Turismo 5 sold 11 million on PS3. Is a phenomenom.

Pogmathoin1510d ago

Still, whoever is playing FH are playing a working game.... Over a million pi55ed off people I would say....

Magicite1511d ago

shadow of mordor sold over double that and it had almost no hype.

Bigpappy1510d ago

Digital sales on X1 must be included for any sales report to be takes seriously, let alone VGCHARTZ. I am not saying the numbers are wrong or right, but as far as I can remember, VGchartz estimated Brick and Mortar sales.

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bleedsoe9mm1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I always buy digital so my sales never count . Most fun i've had in a racing game in a very long time .


Of course it could have done better. Doesn't change the fact that it did great.

Yetter1511d ago

yep, me too. They've got to figure out a better way to track all sales

Volkama1511d ago

VGChartz's educated guesses will get less and less educated as more people shift to digital.

But MS and Sony must be tracking sales more accurately than ever. It's just a question of whether they want to share those sales numbers.

NikeJustDoesit1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

That’s not very good. Didn’t Driveclub already outsell it??

Watari3211511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 sold 8 million in it's first week.

@Below wtf are talking about?

Edit 2: Guy below me is literally insane. LOL

NikeJustDoesit1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Above Horizon in sales.

@Above DC already outsold Horizon 2. btw nice change “where’s #Delayclub"

How am i insane? Horizon 2 hasn’t even hit 500k on Xbox One alone...And no. You stealth edited your comment. Nice try tho.

IVanSpinal1511d ago

Because: sales&quantity>>> quality&gameplay this generation

dantesparda1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

So i see that sales doesnt equal quality is the new talking point for MS fanboys. But this game isnt selling so hot for a big exclusive, fact.

aceitman1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

@ who ever had mentioned #delayclub, be careful what u say because ur so called #delayclub saying may come back and kick u in the back and the new hash tag will be #driveclub>>>>FH2X ONE&360 sales surpass horizon2 on x1 and 360 combined at launch. and im sure there will be a story on it also. so u should play nice cause u don't even no the sales of DC. all I know is the pre orders are only 25,000 from the sales of x1

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sorane1511d ago

No it didn't.

"Over a month later, it seems that Gran Turismo 5 has finally broken the five-million copy barrier as the reputable NPD Group now lists 5,062,661 copies as sold."

Eonjay1511d ago

It was a stealth edit. He was trying to cover a troll comment. Look at his history...

Bigpappy1510d ago

Install base for the PS3 was above 70mil and there were no PS4's around. 360 sales are low now because most have moved on or are preparing to do so.

bazinga_911511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Lmao! Is that it?
Ah well, another flop. Za :^)
After all that barking about how awesome the game is, people sure aren't interested in it.
I feel sorry for playground games. Lol.
Fh3 is in danger. M$ won't be throwing cash for making a third part with such abysmal sales of fh2.

Septic1511d ago

It really is sad seeing someone so giddy over poor sales and leveraging that point over the obvious quality of the game.

"After all that barking about how awesome the game is"

It wasn't barking, it was just blanket praise for a quality game. You're the one barking here. I'm going to assume that you don't have an Xbox One to even play the best racing game of the year.

"Ah well, another flop. "

If this constitutes a flop to you I wonder what you think of other titles in this genre. ;)