Forza Horizon 2 and all DLC being Delisted on Xbox Live on September 30

"If you’ve yet to purchase Forza Horizon 2 or any of the downloadable content and you had plans to you may want to act soon as it’s going away."

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monochromer1625d ago

I don't understand this. Why make it unavailable to buy? Normal companies don't do this. This isn't a thing.

addictedtochaos1625d ago

Likely expiring licenses for cars or music.

Segata1624d ago

Imaging not being able to rent or buy a movie anymore because "expiring license" of some product in the film.

fathertime44641624d ago

It did happen with the movie Prometheus

Cobra9511624d ago

Yeah, but it shouldn't be. Once a product is put together, nothing should stop its continued sale. I can understand not being able to add anything new to it, but that's all.

aconnellan1625d ago

Pretty sure it’s a music licensing thing. I don’t fully get it, but that’s supposedly the issue. Same thing happened with Horizon 1.

The game is free this month with gold though, so if people wanted to pick it up before it leaves the store then it’s free.

playnice1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I'm shocked! This adds to my long list of reasons why I hate current digital games implementations. They should be patching the game to remove unliscenced songs and keep it as a download option for completed purchases and simply remove option to buy. The day videogames go 100 % digital will be the day I stop buying games.

MasterChief36241624d ago

It happened to the first game, but the first game is back now! Hopefully this happens with 2.

The 10th Rider1624d ago


It's also an issue with movie streaming. They lose the right to a song and then it gets swapped for something else. If that ever happens with physical copies, you can always buy a used copy. If it happens with a streaming only film then the only way to get the original version would be to pirate it.

Segata1624d ago

Why not patch the licensed music out and replace it with some generic racing music?

1624d ago
Cobra9511624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Shaggy, I don't think anyone is saying that it won't be available to current owners. We understand that it just applies to new sales.

Edit: Oh, wait. Yeah, playnice is saying that. I think he's the only one confused. Hopefully now he isn't anymore.

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starsi3601624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


If you own it you can still download it after the date. With the original music etc, nothing patched. It’s just you cant BUY it digitally after that date.

shiva11624d ago

Along with all the dlc... Its just not available for sale. Physical discs wont be manufactured further... The problem with existing physical copies on shelves is you will only get the game... No DLC or additional cars which is worse unless there is a complete edition.

playnice1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well that does make a lot more sense, thx

Segata1623d ago


I can rent Prometheus for $3 on Amazon,Google,Vudu,Fandango right now if I wanted.

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showtimefolks1625d ago

Welcome to digital only for those of you pushing so hard that's what physical media is and will always be king

Reeder19841625d ago

Do you not think this is more likely minor teething issues while the industry as a whole move towards a digital distribution method? It's not like movies/TV get removed due to licensing issues. This will be a non issue in 1-2 years time, as most licensing contracts will take into account the changing dynamics in the video game industry.

Sgt_Slaughter1625d ago

You say that as if it's a sure thing. If it's that easy, why haven't they done it already?

The 10th Rider1624d ago

Movies/TV are sometimes altered due to liscensing issues.

rainslacker1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I wouldn't count on licensing issues going away in 1-2 years. They've been an issue in movies for decades now. Not that it won't get remedied at some point, but 1-2 years is being generous.

The reason most of these games do licensing like this is because its cheaper to use such things for a shorter period of time. If its longer, you have to pay more, and possibly pay royalties after initial printings.

spicelicka1624d ago

Movie/TV are a different animal, they can be streamed and run on basically any device. This particular problem may be a teething issue, but there could be many similar problems with digital-only that we haven't even faced yet.

Hell there are already problems I can foresee. Price control being one of them. Movies make most of their money from theaters, after that people rent/pirate/stream whatever they want so no one complains. They don't try to make money from movies 5 years after releasing. With games digital only means publishers can keep the game at a steady price for years and years. There are 5 year old games on the xbox store for $50, that I can buy physically for $10 at any time.

The OPTION to have a digital library great, but forcing it down our throats is not. Not saying digital-only won't happen, just saying this is why I'm against it.

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OMGitzThatGuy1625d ago

If you bought the game physically then you have no problem, if you have the game digitally then you have no problem. You can still download and play as usual, you just wont be able to buy it digitally. They are even give the game away free for gold members. The only people this affects are people who decide that they want to buy the game digitally 4 years later, and that is the fault of the person, not because the game is digital.

King_Noctis1625d ago

With FH4 coming out soon, I don’t know why anyone would want FH2 at this point.

MasterChief36241624d ago

@King_Noctis <------ Found the person that never played Forza Horizon 2.

Yi-Long1624d ago

... except they could force an update on your existing game that removes content, like they did with GTA4 a while ago, where they ripped out a whole bunch of songs...

spicelicka1624d ago

Lol what, how is it the fault of the person? You should be allowed to buy a game whenever you want. This just highlight how dumb digital-only is.

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Dragonscale1624d ago

@showtime, agreed. Prime example.

jaycptza1624d ago

How is this different to physical media? If you purchased it previously you can still download it until Live is shut down. You definitely won't be able to find a new copy (physical) of this game. It is weird for a first party game to be taken off the owners purchase platform for sure

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slasaru011625d ago

Here's bright shiny digital future for You. Damn

Sgt_Slaughter1625d ago

Love whenever you bring this up as an issue for an "all digital future" there's never really a counter argument, they just give you disagrees like it'll matter.

OMGitzThatGuy1625d ago

No one is playing this game let alone buying it, so please, tell me who are affected by this?

rainslacker1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

All those people fussing about preserving gaming history I suppose. Been kind of a hot topic the past week or so. Otherwise, on a game like this, which sees yearly or bi-yearly releases, it's probably not that big of a deal since people move on. However, there could be other games which do this which may not fall into that category, and people may want to play them further down the line. Like recently, I got the new Mirrors Edge for $5, so it would suck if it had to be removed before I decided to get it to try it out.


I'm sure that FH2 would be easily found 2nd hand. Its a good game,but that doesn't really matter in the 2nd hand market for 99.9% of the games out there. It's and older title, and is a bi-annual release. Games like that tend to be in the bargain bin at gamestop. It's currently $25 used at GameStop, and when the next one comes out, and with it now being free for XBL owners, it'll like go down even more.

Jinger1624d ago

The counter argument is that:

1. The game isn't being removed from your library if You already own it digitally.

2. If you're lucky enough you still may be able to find a used copy, considering they aren't making any new ones at this point anyway.

Bonus: Microsoft is actually giving the game away with Games With Gold this month so anyone with an Xbox can DL it before it gets delisted.

shiva11624d ago

Really... You say this as an issue. I own this game digitally. Tell me what are the problems that i will be facing in after two months.

My friend owns a physical copy of base game. What are the problems he's going to face in two months?
I have down voted you as you say this as an issue. I will tell my reasons for down voting if you can explain in detail what that or those issues id experience.

spicelicka1624d ago

"Really... You say this as an issue. I own this game digitally. Tell me what are the problems that i will be facing in after two months."
It's a problem even if you won't be facing it personally. Do you own every game that has released 4 year ago? What if it happens to every other game from the past, soon enough you might want an old game that you can't buy anymore.

"My friend owns a physical copy of base game. What are the problems he's going to face in two months? "
That's because we are not in a digital-only future yet lol, you just proved the point. If we went all digital 4 years ago no one would be able to buy the base game in two months. Prime opportunity for the publisher to re-release it in some "complete edition" and charge full price again. Do you not see the problem with that?

RememberThe3571624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

It's an issue. That doesn't mean the sky is falling. Customers rightly don't trust cooperate enitities to have their best interests at heart. What do these companies what the all digital future to be? Do they want people freely using the products they buy or would they rether restrict usage to create demand? Remmeber how Disney would only have limited runs of their VHS/DVD movies so that their would be months or even years between when you could buy The Loin King or Aladin or whatever? There's reason behind peoples concerns, they're not just screaming fire in a movie theater because we saw a Bic lighter. They're saying they don't trust, which is reasonable.

EmperorDalek1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Good that anyone who already owns it will still be able to download and play it.

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