How Forza Horizon Changed My Relationship to Xbox

Billy Givens says, "I can finally say that I’m excited for my future with the Xbox brand. I may never be able to explain precisely why this one series changed my entire outlook so abruptly, but I don’t have time to analyze the psychology behind that when I’m so busy ripping down the coast in a McLaren P1."

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jmetalhead778121007d ago

Awesome! I’m glad PC gamers get to enjoy this game. The Horizon series gets better with each installment. Expecting this to be a homerun as well.

Vasto1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Most anticipated game of the year.

I will be playing the way its meant to be played. On my Xbox One X in 4K / HDR.

AmUnRa997d ago

Vasto yes for the xbox, but the most anticipated game of the year, (talking about exclusive games) will be Spiderman on the PS4.