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As the Gran Turismo franchise was still clinging to the PlayStation 3 last year, the launch of the PlayStation 4 passed by without a racing title. That launch title was supposed to be Driveclub, the latest effort from Evolution Studios, creators of the Motorstorm franchise. Following a long delay, the game finally arrived on PS4 this month. Rather than offering offroad mayhem, Driveclub aims to position itself as the more accessible alternative to GT and help expand the garage of exclusive racing titles on PlayStation. But even with so much additional development time, Driveclub is an underwhelming experience that lacks in-depth features or engaging content.

The debut PlayStation 4 racing title from Evolution Studios barely crosses the finish line. There are decent ideas here, but shortcomings in many areas keep Driveclub well back of a podium finish.

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qwerty6762555d ago

yikes these just keep coming.

but srsly how many more of these driveclub reviews do we need?

Team_Litt2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

All of them.
@Eonjay, that's not true...I submit them as well XD
Honestly I do it for the easy points. PS exclusive reviews tend to generate heat from you guys so I work the system.

Thing is, I would approve the positive ones as well but there haven't been any in a long while.

Although to say I exist only to propagate poor DC reviews is a bit on the personal attacky side but I won't take it to heart; I know how passionate you PS types are about your exclusives.

Eonjay2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Looking at your profile, you have only approved DriveClub articles. You exist to propagate poor DriveClub Reviews. You are obsessed with it.

Eonjay2555d ago


A personal attack?

Oh no not at all. You will know when its personal. I am pointing out the obvious and thank you for affirming through your own admission; while of course, you "work the system".

As expected, you stealth trolls fall right in line. Be bold. Thanks for contributing to the community.
And yes, I can't blame you, if you want attention, you have to go after games worthy of it.

No_Limit2555d ago

Dude Eonjay, he has every right to post whatever scores he wants because it is the community that approves these reviews just like any other reviews. He didn't submit all negative scores. His first review post for DC was a positive one with a 75/100 from Lazygamer and is above the current 71/100 for DC in Metacritic. It is not his fault that the few legit great scores from neutral sites like Dualshocker and Playstation Universe were already submitted. He is just posting what is avaialable at his disposals, which unfortunately, are mostly non favorable reviews that diehard like yourself just don't want to see.

ThePope2554d ago


You have a problem working the system. I don't hear you complain about how few bubbles X1 fans have compared to the PS4 fans? If you have a problem with manipulation of the system rage about it all, not just what doesn't work for you.

Secondly before you say many MS fans have plenty of bubbles, that is inaccurate at best. Guys like Septic, and heavy tread a very thin line. And I don't blame them. I got a trolling in An X1 article for defending the article topic, to a troll! But it's community voted. And if you disagree with things said negatively about the x1 you're in trouble.

So don't pick and choose be an advocate for better systems all around.

P.s. I agree 100% with you about the constant's annoying

Helloween132554d ago

man where is a facepalm when you need one, your a very very sad man

DoubleYourDose2554d ago

Easy points? Points that net you what? Self-esteem?

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stalepie2555d ago

No idea, they just say the same thing verbatim.

So I'll repeat what I've said: Driveclub provides excellent, seriously fast-paced racing. Quite fun. I haven't bothered with the online stuff much. But -- maybe it was by accident -- but the offline is as fun as Motorstorm or Ridge Racer, imo.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2555d ago

I think it's only getting bad reviews for the network hassles. Everyone says the driving itself is pretty stellar. Which is a shame because the network functions were it's marketing point. I'll get it when they fix it.

I can't believe something like this can seriously happen to a game in an era where network functionality has become common.

Rogert2555d ago

not everyone thinks the driving is stellar, it does feel off and the handling can be a bit stiff (especially when turning) so it is simply not because of the online situation for which the game is receiving mixed reviews. Most reviews were actually done before the online fiasco even occurred so that completely moots your argument.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2555d ago

It wasn't an argument. If you want an argument I can give you one but fortunately for me I have nothing to gain or lose from this games succsess or failure so I decline. From what I've read about the game most people like the handling. The only thing people say is the "stiffness" of it makes the drift challenges difficult. It is true the most reviews occurred before the network fiasco but it's also true that most reviews before the fiasco were above a 7 (which is a respectable score btw).

SCW19822554d ago

Nothing about the driving feels off. It just feels a bit more weighty than other games but it is not stiff at all. Love the driving mechanics.

u4one2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Personally the physics kind of bug me in driveclub. They feel really unnatural compared to better racing games. The cars reach speed impossibly too fast, they seem super sticky no matter how fast you go, there's no wobble or kinetic forces if you steer too hard (spinouts,fishtailing on straightening of a shallow curve at high speed) and personally if I had brakes in real life like the cars in drive club, I'd approach every corner of my commute at 120 mph because I'd be able to stop our slow down within a few feet. Just too unrealistic for a game that prides itself on looking realistic

u4one2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Racing games are my thing and I felt driveclub failed to deliver what it promised. I've had some fun with it and it's pretty, but it's also incredibly shallow on game play depth, content etc. The server issues are a temporary, superficial blemish that I personally never held against the game... It was all the stuff the game just doesn't have or do nearly as well as the competition. It's an ok game. Not an amazing one. The majority of reviews seem to echo the sentiment of this racing game fans opinion. I personally feel the only people that love it are either not really into sophisticated racing games, have never played games like forza or fh2 (or others on that level of gameplay detail) or just can't stand that the fact better racing games are on Xbox or pc at present. I wanted driveclub to be amazing but I felt like they cared more about the graphics than actually creating a compelling, sophisticated racing title that celebrates the strategy and nuances of racing and car culture. It's just a bunch of of pretty cars (not many)/on some pretty tracks that they kinda tried to shove a bit of game into. It's Ryse on wheels.

Muzikguy2555d ago

I'm thinking back to the reveal of DC when we were told that this was being released instead of GT, or even a re-release on PS4. I would've much rather had a GT game on the PS4 after all the delays this game had and now a broken release with no plus version

kratoz12092555d ago

My OPINION on this game is 8/10
I am enjoying my purchase and there are a few problems with it but it's only going to improve

Spotie2555d ago

That can't be true. You can't enjoy this game. It has to be a 6/10 or lower for everybody. The Xbox fanboys say so.

Torque_CS_Lewith2554d ago

Oh Spotie. Always going after the Xbox Fanboy, defending DC tooth and nail. I never see you weigh in on your personal experience with the game either way, it's always about the people talking about the game and not the actual game with you.

Is that all you bring to the discussion? Criticism to the individuals with criticism?

Also, when did the xbox fanboys say it has to be 6 and below for everyone?

Makkanchor2555d ago

I agree with u im loving it just a few online problems will be sorted out soon also we will get free dlc and tracks so it will get bigger and better gameplay is fine also

WeAreLegion2555d ago

Ok, people disagreeing en masse in every Driveclub article. We get it. You hate Driveclub. Troll articles about other games now.

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