LOTF preview: What’s wrong with preview events and right with Lords of The Fallen [The Metropolist]

Games journalism hasn’t exactly had an easy ride over the last few months. From misogynistic witch hunts to gaming sites losing sponsors and even a mass shooting threat – its safe to say that anti games journalism movement #gamergate has rocked the entire industry. Yet behind all the hate and deplorable sexism, what started to get lost in the rabble were the perfectly reasonable shouts for transparency in the games media.

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IcicleTrepan1674d ago

If you're going to call sexism, you should call it on both sides. Both misogyny and misandry. The fact that you don't even acknowledge this in your summary tells me without reading your article what kind of a person you are. The kind of person who won't be receiving a click on their article from me.

bequietdrive1674d ago

Read the article, its actually about preview events and the games media - not what you want it to be about.

Sokol1674d ago

Focusing on the game preview of the Lords of the Fallen, I'm looking forward to it. To tie me over until Dragon Age :)

bequietdrive1674d ago

It was a lot of fun, really intrigued to see if the narrative can remain strong throughout.

vikingland11674d ago

I did the same thing. I prepaid for both of those games. I hope it was a good purchase. I got them for PS4 , did you?

bequietdrive1674d ago

Version I played was on PS4 and it ran really well. Not sure about Dragon Age yet but I'll definitely be playing this

Aon1673d ago

If in Lords of the Fallen combat will be too easy if we choice wawrrior I want to choice rouge of cleric:) I want spend a lot of time with this game so if it will be more difficult I will be happy:)Honestly in Mass Efect dialogue looks very nice:)

riverside6661668d ago

I wonder how it is resolved the matter when it comes to mixing classes. if you choose a warrior, but it's too easy and you will begin to develop it into a different class, the difficulty will increase? or is it that you have some skills warrior, do not make that the game will be "difficult".

bequietdrive1672d ago

I struggled a bit with cleric, but if you want more of a challenge I think its a good choice. Its mainly the hammer that's tough, once I found a staff I fared a lot better.

ThePowerpuffGirl1672d ago

I do not intend to rush. And as surely opponents can not allow. All the more I was happy, because I spend a lot of time with Lords .;). This type of game for me will be a completely new experience. :). In the end, life is needed diversity. :).