PlayStation TV Review - Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None | Short Pause

The Short Pause staff reviews Sony's newest member of the PlayStation family, the PlayStation TV.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1676d ago

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None, consistent with the PSN network...

TheDude791676d ago

Yeah, the PlayStation TV and PSN could benefit from some fine tuning, because they both have the potential to be great. It seems like any product other than their main home consoles (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4) don't quiet get the same amount of attention and care after launch. The PlayStation TV really could be awesome, but only time will tell if Sony will actually consistently support it or let it slide slowly into the depths of irrelevance (see: PlayStation Move)

Ju1676d ago

Right, right, right. That's why there are so many competing products out there which do things much better. Oh wait...

turdburgler10801676d ago

Looks like another failed sony peripheral. Well at least their consistent. IGN gave it a 6.5 which is basically failing to make the grade. I'm sure it will find a home in the massive wherehouse that holds all those ps moves. The one right next to the wherehouse that has the kinects in it.

MeteorPanda1675d ago

l'm going to get one when it's stupidly cheap so l can play my vita on the t.v...

TheDude791675d ago

If that's the most appealing factor, then you will definitely be happy with your purchase. Killzone Mercenary looks good on a big screen and plays great with a DualShock 4. I'm anxious to see how well Final Fantasy X-X2 HD performs next!

MajorGecko1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

just get it refurbished i expect people to be trading this in just like the vita

for the comment above me, kill zone mercenarys has like 8 maps that get old fast and only 4v4 with no voice chat ingame......i have played XBL arcade games that are better.

Killzoner991675d ago

Not a fair review. This device is for playing Playstation games and nothing more. 10/10 fixed.