Cnet- PlayStation TV Review: A microconsole with big ambitions

Cnet- It seems everything PSTV has to offer is hindered by some sort of shortcoming. Even when you take away its feature-set, things like the PSTV's lackluster Wi-Fi performance knock it down another peg. If you can look past all of its frustrating weirdness, there's a few reasons you might want to own a PSTV. At $100, £85, and AU$150 it's not a gigantic investment, though you need to consider the cost of expanding its memory.

At that starting price point, PSTV is likely the best "microconsole" out there, meaning it's relatively simple to bring it with you on vacation or into different rooms of your home. The graphics are adequate, but to think Apple TV or another competing box out there won't have something better just around the corner is naive. Perhaps PSTV should only be considered by someone heavily invested in the Sony ecosystem.

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Sly-Lupin1461d ago

Well, the Vita's interface ain't exactly turning heads on the small screen, either.