More Driveclub Woes As Users Report Problems Downloading New Update

Driveclub’s servers and user experience are still facing trouble 10 days after launch. Evolution Studios rolled out a new patch yesterday, but the developer has acknowledged that users are having trouble downloading it.

The issue is preventing some players from even loading the game.

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jhoward5851488d ago

I'm so glad I didn't buy DC.

WeAreLegion1488d ago

I'm so glad I did buy Driveclub.

GameDev11488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

getting mine in December, can't wait :)

And that problem of retrying download over again is not solely on that Drive club patch, when I tried to download update patch for ShareFactory I had to retry over and over cause it continued to fail, took a while before it was successful, glad PS4 has easy switching between screens cause it would have been annoying

Swiggins1488d ago'd like it if Sony came into your house and punched your mother in the mouth.

Driveclub is without a doubt one of the biggest bungles I've seen in years.

Khronikos1488d ago

LOL, look at all these trolls so desperate for attention. DC is an awesome game. Some of us with more going on than games can wait a few weeks for online to be perfect. I am actually playing online fine atm.

SO GLAD I BOUGHT DC lol. I was supporting a dev I respect and still very much do. The racing they create is amazing.

fr0sty1488d ago

I'm enjoying mine. The update failed to download for about 2 hours last night, but installed shortly after midnight. It's been working fine ever since.

WeAreLegion1488d ago

That's a bit much, Swiggins. Just the other day, I said not including Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu on PS TV was a major mistake on Sony's part and should not have released the system without them.

So, no. I don't just accept anything a company does.

I do, however, absolutely love Driveclub.

Also, with 64 disagrees and 44 agrees, how can anyone still call this a "Sony fansite"? It's clear that there are idiots on both sides of the fence.

midnight_231488d ago

It's a great game, I've been enjoying it lately! So intense, every race has its moments and it keeps me on the edge of my seat while racing. I also really like that it's a game you can really get good at. Multiplayer has been really fun as well.

4Sh0w1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

WeAreLegion, No its a pro-sony dominated site but even then its not surprising that after Driveclubs botched release which came after a year delay along with the delay of the expected ps+edition that many ps4 owners here may have been waiting for its evident that many ps4 gamers are upset about it, thus as the 2nd commenter who seems to not be bothered your disagrees are a natural target of their frustration...especially when these posts are full of alot of sour comments from folks who don't exactly have a pro xbox history. I mean essentially you are trying to equate legitimate anger from sony fans to say that this site can't be heavily slanted in sonys favor as if its impossible to do both especially when it's evident Driveclub has had serious issues that warrant criticism no matter what console you prefer.

For the record I'm not beating a dead horse about Driveclubs issues, pffft sh*t happens and sony is working on it, so nothing else to be said= I just hate when folks try to pin the blame elsewhere or DEFLECT legitimate negativity by actual fans as just made up fuss from the other side. Open your eyes and look around you many sony fans are rightfully voicing their displeasure, its not doom n gloom, it just means sony needs to improve so that this doesn't happen nearly this bad going forward.

UltimateMaster1488d ago

Driveclub drives and feels a lot like Forza.
What Sony should have done is they should have released a beta version of it to test the servers.
I never had any problems with PSN on the PS3, so it's up to Sony to get it right.

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Buff10441488d ago

Sony and Evolution dropped the ball... and deserve to be called out for it. Disaster.

SaffronCurse1488d ago

Yep. What a disaster for everyone involved.

Caffo011488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Just shut up, the game has been out for a week, i haven't even completed single player... The ones who complain the most are just trolls and ppl who haven't even bought the game...

NeoGamer2321487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I bought the game. And although it is decent driving game, these kinds of things are unacceptable. If it wasn't ready to ship, they should've delayed it again. Like bf4 this game is a broken mess but should not have been.

Companies must be accountable in shipping something that is not fully tested out and working properly.

If you buy a fire extinguisher is it ok if it doesn't spray foam when you have a little fire burning in your house?

1488d ago
Silly gameAr1488d ago

Don't say it's awesome. People who haven't played it always disagree with you in these articles.

fr0sty1488d ago

People who don't even own the console you need to play it on disagree... more often than not.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Not the best game ever, but it's the arcade racer I've been waiting for since need for speed first launched many years ago... long before it got turned into the bull$*** it is today.

XabiDaChosenOne1488d ago

@timotim I'm not sure you understand what awesome means.

moegooner881487d ago

lol at your disagrees, butt hurt pathetic idiots.

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XanderZane1488d ago

I'm so glad I canceled my pre-order and moved it over to Uncharted 4 instead. I think that was a smart more. I'll still wait for the PS+ Version of DriveClub and eventaully give it a try, but there's no way I'll ever pay $60 for this game. Might get it next year for like $15 or less. By then the server issues will be resolved and more cars will be available for free.

Gwiz1488d ago

Judging the problems ND is having with TLoU Remastered i wouldn't be so sure,lol,and yes i'm one of those having problems a really annoying one too.

MythicalBlade1488d ago ShowReplies(4)
Knushwood Butt1488d ago

Patch 1.04? If so, I got it more than 24 hours ago.

Evolution definitely botched the launch of this game, which unfortunately makes them look rather amateurish, but it's perfectly enjoyable without the online features, and they will fix everything in time.

It's frustrating for early adopters, but not the end of the world.

mt1487d ago

I'll just forget about it till they release PS+. I am not in hurry to play racing cars.

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Remy_S1488d ago

I think I'll come back to this game in a month.

FullmetalRoyale1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I was just saying to my friend a day ago that I think I'm going to wait two weeks before I try playing it again. Regardless of how many updates, I just don't have the heart to keep starting it up. It kind of ruins my mood for playing games honestly. *Partially because I like what little I have played, and also my friend and I have never played a racing game together.

We have other games to play, so I think it'll be better for me if I just forget about the game for a couple of weeks.

The successful launches of Destiny and Plants vs Zombies made me forget that games do not work anymore.
Ever since Battlefield 4 I wait a week until the CONSUMERS tell me that it works. These review bubbles are irritating. Yet I only have myself to blame for buying it day one.

**Successful as in they worked on launch day**

jc121487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

i wish theyd sort this out and offer a free offline demo, no reason they cant, its bs.

Septic1488d ago

This is such a flop I swear. They should have delayed it longer and released everything at once and also tested the game out properly.

And I thought Battlefield 4 was bad. Sort it out Evo.

Skate-AK1488d ago

This is nowhere near the level of EA's F-up. It took them 11 months to get the game running good.

FullmetalRoyale1488d ago

That has yet to be seen. It very well may be as bad. But as it stands BF4 is by far the worst launch I have ever personally encountered. Driveclub has a long road ahead of it(a hah) if it is to catch up with that catastrophe.

Mega241488d ago

The game doesn't show the level of BF4 failness, as it was also the game which was broken, not just the servers.

This could have been avoided if Evo didn't got cocky and overconfident, thinking the servers would hold up without not doing a full blown public beta instead of the small one they did, which barely surpassed 5k players.

Swiggins1488d ago

While BF4 had a terrible launch, at least you could actually play the game in some fashion regardless of the fact that the experience was a tad broken.

This is more on the level of GTAV, you know, the one where the game refused to work.

FunkMacNasty1488d ago

@Skate AK,
I would say this failure is definieh worse than what happened to BF4 at launch. Bf4 experienced most of its problems on the PC around its launch, at the time I got it last fall, it worked fine on PS3 and when I got my ps4 this winter and upgraded my PS3 disc the only time I had trouble was with the lag that happened with the Naval Strike DLC.

Meanwhile, Driveclub is exclusive to only one console, no last gen or PC versions were developed. And even after a year's delay the game released in essentially broken form, with the ps plus edition delayed further.

I'm definitley not saying Bf4, Dice, or EA deserve a pass... But in context I think driveclub should've had an easier time to sort out buggy code before release day

Caffo011488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

You re such trolls, worse than bf4?a game that i couldn't even play offline because it kept cancelling my single player progress? I almost finished DC single player right now and also played a few online races, it's a great game. And no problems here downloading the patch btw.

Outthink_The_Room1488d ago

Not sure delaying it would have mattered. I don't think a few extra months would have found the bugs in the online.

They only found them after the problems started. If they didn't run into these problems during the next few months, it still would have shipped broken.

It's just a mistake on Sony and Evolution and they know it. They're lucky they shipped early October though.

If they had gone late October, then the rush of November games would have destroyed this games hope of surviving. At least people will be able to play for a couple weeks before the heavy hitters show up.

jc121487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@State-AK: I couldnt disagree more. BF4 did have its fair share of issues online, sure, but I was ALWAYS able to play it whenever I wanted, bugs and all. Driveclub on the other hand: not only has Evo backed out on the free edition - effectively ripping off members who payed for the plus service with DC in mind - but, the retail game's NOT even playable online - at all. Let me repeat, you turn your console on, put the disc in, and you canNOT connect AT ALL. This is totally unacceptable.

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rmw2hot871488d ago ShowReplies(3)
98xpresent1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I tryed to give this game a chance. I'm about to sell it now

yarbie10001488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

might be worth more if you wait till it's working before selling it. could be awhile tho

Software_Lover1488d ago

........... I see what you did there.

Khronikos1488d ago

I don't think anyone cares that you are selling a game but thanks?

maximus19851488d ago

i care, i would have bought it from him for cheaper than full price that i i have a game taking up space in my ps 4 cause i bought it online. But its my fault and i know that at least this company wont get my money next time. everytime i log in hoping to get online and cant makes me less interested in this game

lokirevamped1488d ago

You cared enough to comment.....I think you care. BF4 is an open world game, DC is not, stop comparing the two everyone, the delay should of had all but minor bugs addressed.

Angerfist1488d ago

GTA V is probably the best racing game on PS4 this Year.