The Evil Within Review – Emphasis on Survival I The Koalition

Garrett Glass of The Koalition writes:
Shinji Mikami, director of the acclaimed Resident Evil 4, promises to bring back old-school Survival Horror with The Evil Within. To be honest however, I don’t think the genre has ever left. Survival Horror continues to thrive in the indie gaming scene where consumers can find games that replicate the classics such as Lone Survivor or try something different like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Even the recently released Alien: Isolation is a genuine Survival Horror experience that eschews the annoyances of classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles. These games have already beaten The Evil Within to the punch, even if the genre admittedly continues to struggle to compete with the mainstream console success of, say, the first-person shooter.

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SwiffEpics1886d ago

Looking forward to reading this and seeing how the game turns out. I've been hearing a lot about this game over the past 2 years.

MrKennedy1886d ago

I've heard a lot of things too.

Profexxion1886d ago

I held my expectations in check for this and I'm glad I did. The horror indie scene is much more entertaining at the moment.

MrKennedy1886d ago

I held my expectations too.

iNFAMOUZ11886d ago

someone give this man a cookie.
totally agree, indie scene is where its at

Canipa1886d ago

Great review. I've always found horror games where you can pretty much just kill anything to lack that scare factor.

rbailey1886d ago

I'm genuinely disappointed that this isn't as scary as advertised. If you play a "survival horror" game and you feel as though you always hold an advantage due to an abundance of weapons, how is that ever perceived as being scary? I still think PT Silent Hills blows this out the water and this will be proven once the game hit stores next year.

DeadlyOreo1886d ago

This and PT are completely different types of games (PT is just using analogue sticks and a button to click occasionally) and I really doubt Silent Hills will be released next year.

gantarat1886d ago

don't scary doesn't mean bad game look RE 4