PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for April: Kena, Doom Eternal, Riders Republic and more

Also added this month: The Evil Within, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Paradise Killer, Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

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MaximusPrime_174d ago

Riders republic. Nice. I never bought it but played beta twice. Good fun openworld game.

BigBosss174d ago

I have 3 other mates who like playing multiplayer games. Is this something we will all enjoy together?

Astrokis174d ago

It’s a really fun game when there’s a lot of people on but the player base dropped a lot compared to launch. This should help increase the amount online drastically.

It’s definitely a - I want to chill with my friends type of game so definitely check it out! Also it’s a huge improvement over Steep

MaximusPrime_174d ago

Sounds good. Also, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC coming a day after. I'll be more likely spending time on that DLC first. But will join when free.

closed_account174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Riders Republic is a ton of fun and one of the best things Ubisoft has done in recent years IMO.

The music and acting are obnoxious, which I just turn down... but it's so much just freeriding mountain bikes or other stuff across the mountains. I haven't played w friends, but I imagine it would be a ton of fun in MP. Very underrated game!

SlothLordPootus174d ago

I kept getting caught up in other games so I never got around to buying Doom Eternal. If it's good I'll still buy it so i can keep it. The reboot was awesome, i think i played through it about 5 times, and platinumed it.

closed_account174d ago

Same here, I've had Doom Eternal on my wishlist for a long time. I'm definitely jumping in considering the free PS5 upgrade they released.

Storm23174d ago

It is a lot of fun. First FPS in a while that has really grabbed me. And I love FPS games. C’mon Killzone/Resistance series remasters/remakes/sequels…anyt hing.

DefenderOfDoom2173d ago

I agree , Sony has not produced a single player FPS campaign in about 8 years. I already played DOOM Eternal which was awesome.

FallenAngel1984174d ago

A whole lotta Bethesda titles in this lineup

Sackboy also got included as well despite already being as Essential title

crazyCoconuts174d ago

Regarding sackboy, you're right... That's confusing. At least wait until it's not in essential, as it's impossible to have extra without essential.

Welshy174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Damned if you do and damned if you don't with that one I think. When a former monthly free game goes into the subscription catalog at a later date it also gets criticism, so may as well just add it straight away for people who don't claim it going forward I guess.

Profchaos174d ago

Hopefully the claim on the game counts as a essentials claim so when the game leaves the catalogue it doesn't leave the players library.

I found a similar situation frustrating I played fallout 76 when it was introduced as a premium game a month or so later it was a essentials game and I could not repurchase it so I'll lose the game when it leaves the Library

crazyCoconuts174d ago

Spiderman is in the titles leaving Extra in May. Guess 1st party titles aren't guaranteed to stay

Welshy174d ago

That's just the way of subscription services in general, titles come and go, but I'm sure it'll be back. Maybe it's a Quantum Break deal where it's just a license refresh?

It's one of the reasons I fear a subscription/digital only future. I don't want the platforms telling me what I can and can't play at any given time and waiting of tenterhooks for games I actually want to be available.

closed_account174d ago

Oh boy, that's making me want to jump back into Returnal! Not that I'd mind buying the game, love it.

EvertonFC174d ago

Great Month, own most of them but looking fwd to trying monstor boy, nice sto have EW in my collection now and some wolfeinstein.