The Evil Within Deserves Another Chance

The Evil Within started with so much promise. It's time for this underappreciated franchise to make a return for modern audiences.

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Orchard80d ago

Definitely. 'Another Chance' is poor wording though, because it makes it sound like the first two weren't good games - they were.

I'm hoping we'll get a sequel now that GW Tokyo is out. TEW3 would seem to be the next obvious title to work on for Tango.

-Foxtrot80d ago

Oh totally

For me the Evil Within II was like the jump between Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed II, it was fantastic and they fleshed out Sebastian so much.

I know they've said before it probably will be the end of his story but I'm hoping for one more game, Ruuvik is still out there so hopefully he will pull Sebastian back in somehow to get his revenge.

FTLmaster80d ago

💯 Such an underrated franchise!

Plagasx80d ago

We need a 3rd one so badly

Eidolon80d ago

Loved the first one a lot, bought part 2 but the disc got damaged, didn't get very far. I'll give it a play on Game Pass eventually.

HyperMoused79d ago

Its an awesome game you wont be disappointed id say, you can probably get it for around $15 now, no real reason to wait

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