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With Evolution's pedigree in mind this is not the racer every PS4-fan was hoping for. The challenge system provides a good amount of fun and motivation but in terms of general content, it leaves a lot to be desired.

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Team_Litt2564d ago

These guys actually retracted their initial score of 78% because they say the online is no longer working so it would be dishonest of them to mislead their readers.

ashen1222564d ago

interesting, will they up the score when the servers start working?

Spotie2564d ago

Even without the online, a 5 is way too low.

ashen1222564d ago

i agree im having at least a 6 amount of fun with the single player

blackout2564d ago

There is only half a game to play. How is a 5 not not a good review even after all the promises.

ScottyHoss2556d ago

@blackout so there's half a game? What promises were broken? Kid, get a life. Your trolling is pathetically sad and obviously the reason for your 2 bubbles.

Ocsta2564d ago

Dayom. Poor Driveclub :/

2cents2564d ago

I feel that DC is honest in its execution, but lacking when compared to other alternatives. This is a visual masterpiece and a great foundation to build from. DC is a new IP and will hopefully incorporate the features that people have grown accustomed to.

To see graphics like this is one of the key reasons I bought a PS4, so I'm happy in that respect. I'm sorry to mention Horizon 2, but based on the actual experience of playing, I'm having an absolute blast playing it, but the graphics are not as pretty as I would have hoped, there are moments of jaw dropping scenery but DC delivers on this almost consistently.

I'm very fortunate to be a gamer and experience these great games and I really look forward to the future tech and games that we will be invited to play.

I hope gamers can get beyond the consoles and truly have fun with the software on offer, because as a multi platform owner my experience this gen has been very diverse and rewarding... and there are so many new experiences coming on both platforms that it is a great time to be a gamer.

Father__Merrin2564d ago

it's clear the content hurt it, a summer 15 release would have been better

Kane222564d ago

i understand the game could've been a bit a better. but these 3, 4 and 5 scores are just plain stupid.

Ocsta2564d ago

Yeah it really seems like a: "quick, lets kick Sony while we have the chance!" type thing is going on.

ashen1222564d ago

not sure if i should 1 up for intelligent funny or well said lol

Masterchief_thegoat2564d ago

Dc was a letdown, but I'm sure I will not grade a 5 probably 7-7.5

ShowGun9012564d ago

exactly! theres no way this game is a 5, this is just the new way to get hits... lets either say every game is phenominal or awful, 8s don't get hits people!

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The story is too old to be commented.