Top 5 Flops That Deserve Another Chance

Hardcore Gamer: Sometimes you just miss your mark. Some games simply don’t deliver. But just because the execution failed doesn’t mean the concept was bad. The concept can still have life and potential in his veins. The following five games were panned upon their release, but have enough creative ideas to be worth revisiting in a sequel

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ValKilmer1498d ago

God I'd love to see another P.N.03. I still sometimes wear the glasses that came with pre-ordering it.

NukaCola1498d ago

Brütal Legend.
But this time, no RTS crap please, just an open world action RPG.

ValKilmer1498d ago

One of the most underrated games ever created.

born_naughty1498d ago

It did a lot of things right.

NiteX1498d ago

I think Advent Rising also deserves another chance.

ValKilmer1498d ago

They still owe me a million dollars.

FsterThnFTL1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Xbox One....................just kidding, no need to get upset.

Geekman1498d ago

This is N4G dude.

If anything you're gonna get disagrees for apologizing.

FsterThnFTL1498d ago

I don't mind the disagrees, its losing bubble that I have to watch out for, hence the immediate apology.

Feriku1498d ago

This is how I feel about Amy. After it was patched, it was a decent game, and I'd like to see it get another chance.

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