New Tekken 7 Screenshots Shows new Character, features, and more

Max Level: New Tekken 7 screenshots have surfaced showing a few returning characters, a new character, the rage system, Tekken-net, and what looks to be a new tech move.

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HappyWithOneBubble1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

King Of Iron Fist Tournament 7

Bring it on

Here is gameplay looks good. Look before it is taken down.

Inception1502d ago

Imho it looks as fast as Tekken 5 and that's my favourite Tekken. Anyway, thx for sharing the link mate :D

mcstorm1501d ago

Nice link. Looks good Tekken tag 2 was the 1st Tekken game I have got since Tekken 3 on the psx and it has been a fun game to play when I have people round but what ever happened to Tekken vs streetfighter? Ide love to see this before 7.

BOVICE471501d ago

Now they are gonna have Super moves O_O

placiid1502d ago

Im hyped can't wait to see the gameplay soon

loganbdh1502d ago

I think I'm ready for a next Gen fighter :)

mcstorm1501d ago

Yeah I'm hoping this new gen will give fighters new life as I felt it got a bit lost last gen.
I have KI on the Xbox one and love it and looking forward to seeing Tekken 7, super smash bros and mortal combat x

BOVICE471501d ago

Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd, Mortal Kombat X. Cant wait all these next gen fighters

Kakashi Hatake1502d ago

Better have Bob in it. He better not be slim either.

torchic1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

soooo annoying how everyone use Bob online -.- I'd be ecstatic if he didn't come back

Kakashi Hatake1501d ago

Well he's an awesome character. If it wasn't him, you'd have someone else to annoy you. There's far more overpowered characters though.

nightcrawler1502d ago

soooooooooooo its the same thing all over again only with better graphics :/

q8kik1501d ago

Well it's not broken so why fix it ?

HammadTheBeast1501d ago

We give so much shit to CoD and Street Fighter for not changing things, why does Tekken get a pass?

Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat is innovating in different ways, all while keeping the same formula.

We can't accept just anything, make them work for their money.

ironfist921501d ago

like 90% of the sequels available on the market...

HammadTheBeast1501d ago

And that's a problem, why isn't there innovation?

SugarSoSweet1501d ago

Agree it seems like a clone of Tekken 5 and Tekken Revolution with dumb shit added like supers and other bs

BOVICE471501d ago

were you looking for a Tekken RPG?

nightcrawler1501d ago

look at mortal kombat . every new/next game has something new.

Tainted Gene1501d ago

After Tekken 3 they made Tekken 4 (both of which I love) and the almost everyone lost the **** about the changes made.

Then Tekken 5 (which I love as well) went back to basics and its pretty much stayed the same with the exception of bounds and rage being added.

In short, ppl DON'T want change... despite what they say.

SugarSoSweet1501d ago

Unfortunately you'e right....Tekken 4 was beautiful I loved it everything from the realistic ground based combat to the completely new costumes

Flewid6381501d ago

You forgot to throw the word "marginally" in your post in front of the word "better."


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