Is Too Human the X360's Haze? - Hands-on Report

Gameplayer had an opportunity to play Too Human today, and have gone live with less than convincing thoughts, suggesting that Too Human could turn out to be a turkey, similar to PS3 exclusive Haze.

"Last night Microsoft held a little Too Human event, giving the Australian games journalist scene an opportunity to get some hands-on time with the highly anticipated release. In production for a whopping 10 years and delayed almost as many times as Duke Nukem Forever, it is one of 'those' titles that passionate fanboy nutters bring up when they're having those silly console war arguments. But with PS3 owners smarter at the debacle which was Haze, could X360 fans have a similar embarrassment on the horizon with Too Human?

Three members of the gameplayer team were on hand for the event and while we weren't able to put the game through our usually rigorous preview testing, we thought you might be interested in our first up impressions. You might be surprised by our thoughts."

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Hydrolex3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I can really see that these games are anything under 8.5

Fable 2
Too Human

@ Disagrees: I'll laugh at you one day.

Hydrolex3870d ago

Never think that " Being in Production for 10 years means AWESOME ".

10 years is when PS2 was popular and there were no 360 or PS3 so how did they really work on the next-gen console ?

Game developing is just skillz + more workers + more opinions = Great Game

BulletToothtony3870d ago

Are these websites that go into a little show and it's absolutely clear that the game is not done yet.. and yet the first thing they do is come out and say the game seems unfinished and has some visuals issues..

Well no crap.. is not completed yet.. this has been a huge issue with so many websites talking crap about ps3 games and i hate it just as much on ps3 games as in 360 games.. it's just stupid to do so.

Most people liked killzone2 but there's always the ones saying, well the gameplay need some touches.. really?? you must be a genious..

Anyhow.. a lot of people are waiting on this game and hopefully it will be just another great game for 360 owners..

morganfell3870d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

WooHoo! The box art is out for Too Human. Royal Hotness!

Tony, the game is in beta. it ought to have a very very close resemblance to the final product. That means a lot of the issues are not going away.

plenty a tool3870d ago

and it's worth remembering that is a notoriously anti-microsoft web-site, that is reknowned for the articles rubbishing the company and games.

and seeing as one of their sponsored links on the web is for the ps3! it's not to imagine why they are so anti-360.

hydrolex: 10 what do you think they are using a ps2 game engine?? the game has been on paper for 10years, not in development(another bit of negative spin from gameplayer). they started work proper in 05 with unreal engine, then they had to stop and start again, plus build their own game engine.

anyway hydrolex why are you trolling the 360 news? infact, i've never seen any too human thread with this many replys....but this is the first thread to take a serious swipe at the game/ enabling all the familiar sony fanboys a chance to come in sling some mud aswell. just look at below to see them all.

very sad and pathetic. but n4g is pretty pathetic

Highwayman3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )


Lol.........yeah, we will see. I wonder if you'll retract your previous statement once Fable 2 recieves many scores of 9.0 and above.

RememberThe3573869d ago

I thought this was a good preview. They told us what they saw and what their impressions were. They pointed out the issues they saw but added that they could be because the game was not finished. Just because the game gets finished doesn't mean these issues will be resolved. Many, many games are released with issues that seemingly where not addressed in the time that the developer was given between preview and release. Almost every flaw GameInformer pointed out about Mass Effect in their previews were still a problems when the title released. Now I loved me some Mass Effect, don't get me wrong but it shows you what I'm tslking about.

barom3869d ago

naw Banjoo Kazooie is 360's next big flop. Too Human looks actually good in my opinion. Plus the folks at 1up (who initially bashed it) loves it. That can't be bad. They bashed the hell out of Banjoo though.

Also I don't think Halo Wars is gonna be that big.

SlappingOysters3869d ago

That was a very silly comment. Sorry, but the article states that the game is 90% finsihed. And why do you think MS would host an event and let them play the game for 2hrs if it wasn't to have an article written about it? Wake up to real life.

@ Tool - anti-=MS? Why, yesterdays 'epic fails' of MGS 4 article is easily fogotton isn't it. What about their Bungie Still King article also from yesterday. People like you make me sick, get your head out of MS's arse and realise that someone saying something bad about something isn't a bad thing: it' s a way forward.

Tomdc3869d ago

no point in this article! Could be great, might not be... Just like haze we wont find out till the reviews come out.

BulletToothtony3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

if you think i'm a 360 fanboy you're in for a treat.. i only own a ps3.

I'm in no company's side.. i'm in the gamers side, what i said is that i don't like is website trying to badmouth a game just to get hits..

i do admit that i didn't read the article yesterday about the epic falls of mgs4 but the titles were stupid. that was my bad yes.

But in case you have not heard the last 10% of the game is the most important part according to many developers..

I'm not defending MS or Sony, i'm just against websites coming up with stupidities that spread fud and SOME people swallow it like if it's the absolute truth..

If you don't agree with my comment feel free to express your point, but don't come here insulting me acting like a high school kid(thou you may be one) when i am in no way insulting you, the moment i do that feel free to defend yourself.

Until then please keep a civilized conversation.. if you want to believe that because one website is saying that this game is gonna flop the game sucks well then that's your decision.

By the 6 agrees and your 1 disagree i believe that i'm not being an "fanboy" i'm just expressing my opinion.

SlappingOysters3869d ago

sorry, your right I shouldn't have let me frustration get to me, I just had knee jerk reaction from a few of the comments.

a.) What is the point of a website existing if not to get hits? It amazes me when people on this site say that. It is like saying 'bands only make music for people to listen to it'.

b.) Three journos gave three honest opinions on a hands-on they were given last night. Three people with not the same, but a similar vibe, from the game.

I guess this wasn't some preview based on a trailer, or some gamer's personal site having a rant. It was three professional jounros on a big commercial site's reaction to playing the game for 2hrs. As in it's actually a GENUNINE PREVIEW as opposed to those usual 'everything is wonderful' previews you generally get.

I don't think there was agenda here: it was an impression. And what are we all doing on this site if not to read up on the experiences of the lucky few who have earned the right to see this stuff earlier than the public?

BulletToothtony3869d ago

Yeah i do agree about websites needing hits in order to make some money, i often approve controversial news to n4g in order to get some hits on the site.. but this site is ran by users, and for the most part it's a pretty well balanced site.

Leaning a little on the ps3 side but hey that's why i like it.. i used to visit joystiq but them having an 80% of ps3 haters got me tired of it.

I don't have a problem with websites getting hits, i just don't like when they do so by the lack of common sense, by bashing games, specially before the due time, which is by the time of the review..

There is a chance that the game may flop yes.. and they might be right, but i just don't like when they do so in flame bait form, i'm just tired of fanboys which = i don't like website provoking fanboys

plenty a tool3869d ago

everyone with half a brain knows how anti-ms gameplayer is. remember all the gta and microsoft panic articles?? and the fact that the same web-site has sponsored links for the ps3 should raise an eyebrow every time they do an anti-ms/360 thread.

bungie still king? i saw the thread but didn't bother looking because when have bungie ever been king? khing of halo maybe, be seeing as they made the game, well...

what was the mgs thread aswell? mgs has been receiving rave reviews! i've not seen any anti-mgs threads. besides, with all the sony fanboys with approval rites, they would never get approved.

it's the poeple like you that make me sick, and that have helped turn a once decent site into a anti microsoft/360 mud-fest. i'm sure there's an rrod thread just waiting for approval somewhere.

and you knew full well that the sony fanboys would be out inforce for this one because as i said it takes a swipe at the game. go back to any other too human thread and see how many replys...that's rite they barely get over 20. but as soon as one is an attack on the game. oh look it's at 95 already. and has only been up a few hours.

i dont mind an opinionated and informed preview. if this had been ign or edge i would've taken note. but seeing as it's from gameplayer??? it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

just an observation. but i've never seen you comment on a too human thread before. interesting that you would want to get this one up?!

this is just a hit generator along the lines of some of bloodmasks recent storys...perhaps there's more than one person gunning for "super contributor" lol...very sad!

SlappingOysters3869d ago

they're a plague. If they said Too Human will be X360's Final Fantasy or something the response would have been no diferent.

I don't think it was game bashing, but we may have to agree to disagree there, the impression I got was that they want Too Human to be great, but couldn't help but be disappointed.

@ - plenty a tool.

I am always on gameplayer and there are pro and con articles for everything: not all of them go 1000 degrees on N4g and into your line of sight though. I remember them going into bat for MS when Rockstar offered Sony the package PS3/GTA deal. I just don't think you should come in and make generalised rants on a site while simmultaneously pointed out how you don't even bother to read the articles. Chances are if you haven't been on a site all you read are the stories that go big on n4g: which is probably 10% of everything that goes live and are only the ones that make a statement or opinion which provokes a reaction.

ChampIDC3869d ago

He said he CAN'T see them as anything UNDER 8.5, which means no less than 8.5. That's a good thing...

gaffyh3869d ago

From what I have seen of this game it looks crap. I can really see it being a Haze/Lair, same with Fable 2, but the difference with Fable 2 is it has a bigger fanbase, so it may get a low score but still get high sales. It may even get high scores from some of the fanboy reviewers.

tatotiburon3869d ago

this game will be great, if not it lower score would be 8 like NG2, still good review...HAZE and LAIR they are FLOP, with 6/10 and 4/10, FLOP, FLOP. I hope you guys know the diference between an 8/10 and a 6/10.

AAACE53869d ago

Well I have almost no interest in Too Human. It just doesn't seem like it will be that good! Fable was pretty good, so I think Fable 2 should be alot better.

Review Prediction: Fable 2 9/10 Too human 7/10

Scrooge3869d ago

This is one of those games I'm going to get regardless of what the reviewers say about it. It's Silicon Knights! I loved Legacy of Kain. The fact remains, if this game sucks then it will be SK's first sucky game of all time. It's a safe bet that it won't suck.

The Lazy One3869d ago

There was a game that was in production for the PSX and Gamecube, but that game was canceled.

This game is completely different. They have different plots, drastically different gameplay, and the universe has changed dramatically. This game was built from the ground up starting in 2005.

GarandShooter3869d ago

'I hope you guys know the diference between an 8/10 and a 6/10.'

And I hope you know this is an arbitrary numbering system based on NOTHING but opinion. If anyone has 'written guidelines' that show how scores are assessed, I'd like to see it.

'Just like haze we wont find out till the reviews come out.'

Almost agree, I would change it to...we won't find out until we've played it.

Millah3869d ago

Unfortunately I knew that this would happen to Too Human. I just saw this coming after all these delays and all the problems Sil. Knights had with development of this game, for some reason I knew this game wouldn't live up to hype and thought this would turn out to be a tragedy since this game does sound very promising and should have been an excellent title. I still have my hopes up because I've been looking forward to this game since the launch of Gamecube, but lets say I won't be shocked when it turns out to be a huge disappointment.

Highwayman3869d ago


He said that he CAN see them going UNDER and 8.5!
His comment wasn't a positive one.

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Silogon3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I knew this was going to happen cause the entire media was upset with SK over the UT3 and Epic saga. It's all politics, man. All of it. This game will get 6.5 to 8.5 and nothing more. It might get like 1 paid for 9, if it's lucky.

A shame too. The game has been in development for so long and had so much going for it.

Edit to below:

Haze wasn't a flop in terms of sales, though. It's sold well over a million now and that is a big time success in this day and age and with the ever changing gaming world. Haze might've not lived up to your personal taste but in many it was just fine. so the media didn't like it, who cares? Lemme guess, that moronic wannabe Gamesblow didn't like it, who careS? Yahtzee punk ass didn't like it, who cares?

Haze did some things right.

RememberThe3573869d ago

I agree with you about Haze. My god brother bought it and said it was pretty cool, and I'll take his word over any reviewer. That said, this is not politics. Most people want this game to be good. Read the article the authors make it very clear they're looking foreword to the game. The problem is the 10 year thing. People are expecting a lot and I think we'll get a lot. Keep your chin up partner, things'll get better in the end.

Marojado3869d ago

I completely agree. I personally enjoyed Haze for the most part. It was a fun distraction from Uni exams and filled the void between GTA and MGS. Likewise, i think that regardless of what scores Too Human gets, it does seem to have a lot going for it and i think people will enjoy themselves regardless of what web reviewers think. I'm personally looking forward to it.

Closing3869d ago

I'd like to see any evidence that Haze sold well over 1 million copies. And if it did then people truly will buy any crap that is sold to them.

Ri0tSquad3870d ago

I haven't played it but IMO I think this game will turn out ok.

e-ray3869d ago

Well, so far this game has been hype, failure, hype, and now possibly failure. We'll have to wait and see where it ends up. After it changed engines, the media began to like it much more, it seems. That may spell good things for it.

Hydrolex3870d ago

still worse than Uncharted and MGS4.

Skillz Brothers Skillz ! Don't make games if you cant

Hydrolex3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

imagine, spending on employees and other stuff for 10 years to make a game, and their game flops ! OMGGGGGGGGGG I'm worried for them.

maybe they have 20 high school gamers as their employees

LaChance3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Yeah , they started develloping this game for the 360 10 years ago...

Your intelligence shines like the sun.

Hydrolex3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

10 years for a 9GB DVD game ? If it was a PS3 game and it was 50GB Compressed then yes that would make sense. This game is not even bigger than GTA IV or MGS4.

This will flop for sure

Vecta3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Silicon Knights have also put out two other games in the past 10 years....

Eternal Darkness which scored a 92 average
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes which got a 85 average
yeah thats right a Metal Gear Solid game, are they a bad developer now?

Dacapn3869d ago

That's a stupid statement. Free Radical put out Goldeneye...then they made Haze.

Vecta3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

There are only a few members in Free Radical that actually worked on Goldeneye...

And I was just saying that they have not been working on this game for the past 10 years...

NO_PUDding3869d ago

It still stupid becuase Rockstar made GTA III onwards and then GTAIV, the skip into this generation trips plenty of developers.

And GTAIV is also an exmaple of scores not always being and accurate way of rating a game. And Twin Snakes was a pure remake on new hardware, there was nothign creative from their side that went into the Twin Snakes. And it only scored an 85.

Lekumkee3869d ago

LMAO yea right, they developed Metal Gear Soild?!?! All they did was recode it for the Gamecube. LMAO!!! Dennis Dyak couldn't even hold Kojimas jock strap. As a matter of fact to true MGS fans he basterdized the game by adding his crap matrix like fighting scenes everywhere.

pimpstation3869d ago

Exactly. MGS fans hate the Twins Snakes. All they did was take a classic game, rape it, and then put it on Gamecube.

As for Too Human, it looks wack yo. That's all that needs to be said. Maybe it'll be a decent game, but nuttin special.

Damn, things are really looking bad for xbox fans. First Ninja Gaiden flops, now it looks like Fable 2 is going to be a huge flop, and this game doesn't look too promising. Better start praying that Viva pinata is the best goddamn game ever made.

gambare3869d ago

and it was a stealth game, very much like MGS and it was mentioned like a revolutionary title in terms of graphics and gameplay, and now it's a sengoku clone

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JVIDICAN3870d ago

if this "flops", there kinda screwed with the trilogy idea
should be fine though