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"Hyrule Warriors doesn’t do much of note with the Zelda mythos. [Lucas White] mean, not that Zelda ever does much with it either but, well, there isn’t a lot to digest here. What Hyrule Warriors does do is take the mythos, juggle it and play with it as it pleases. As Musou titles are wont to do, Hyrule Warriors reaches into a bucket of buzzwords and familiar jargon, grabs whatever it finds and comes up with a silly way to slap it all together, because why not? There are nods here and there to events, places and characters from past games, particularly the ones more prominently featuring “Adult Link.” While totally unnecessary, the game goes out of its way to find a quick and dirty explanation for why the characters cross paths across different timelines."

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higgins781480d ago

Nintendo are doing it again. Perhaps Hyrule Warriors isn't a 'system seller', but what it is is a game - for anybody who loves Zelda - hard to miss out on. Before the year ends we shall also have Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros. Now, depending on where you lie with Bayonetta 2 - personally I believe it still the shining example of its genre, tell me Smash Bros isn't a 'system seller'...

Because if it isn't I don't know if anything is any longer.