Five of Gaming's Coolest Ever Limited Edition Items

Developers and marketers sometimes dream up fun ways to create hype for an upcoming title. Here are five of the coolest limited edition swag ever put with video games.

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jamesclark1991936d ago

The cool thing about the PS2 chainsaw display was that there was a (kind-of) hidden compartment at the back which was the exact size to hold the PS2 steelbook.

darthv72935d ago

I have that controller but sadly I lost the main cord. And its not something that was anything close to being standard or easy to find.

PrimeVinister935d ago

One of my friends had it back in the day and I had wondered alout why it had a detachable cord that you could lose.

My friend then said it was so they could manufacture the one unit and then fire its appropriate cord in the appropriate box.

But then we realised each version has a different socket on the unit itself - so there was zero point in it except for collectors to lose the cable.

You know the designers are on r/, gamecollecting, laughing away.

jamesclark1991935d ago

I kept my cord in the "hidden" little brown drawer on the base of the unit.


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New Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Screenshots Released

New Resident Evil 4 VR Mode screenshots have been released by Capcom, showcasing the PSVR 2 edition in rich detail.

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poppatron4d ago

I enjoyed village in vr but always thought it had this weird unstable feeling, like everything vibrated and generally felt a little unstable. Hopefully this irons out all the kinks. Really buzzing I never got it when it came out, the og one on the GameCube held a space in my top 10 games ever so I’m super excited to play it through again

Babadook74d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Unstable? I just finished Village and played it off and on for many months. I never found it to be unstable. It could be an issue with the room you use as your play space not having enough tracking surfaces? If that’s it you could add posters etc to the walls. If you mean the reprojection, I could see it, as it’s running at 60 fps native.

CrimsonWing693d ago

Yea I was thinking that or he just watched a YouTube playthrough where it does that jittery look, which oddly isn’t the experience in the head set.

Ratchet233d ago

Quick question
IS there an option to make reloading easier on VR?
I have been told Resident evil village was pretty hard on psvr2 because of it

Babadook73d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Yes. From the main menu you can enable one button reload and other ease of use features.

But, I highly recommend just learning how to reload with your hands and getting good at it. It really adds immersion and nuance to boss battles, and it isn’t really hard, you just have to reload in key moments.

Profchaos3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I also played it from beginning to end and I didn't get that feeling my overall thoughts boiled down to it being probably my favourite VR game to date and if you told me this was a vr game from the ground up I would have belived it. There's clear limitations in the world not everything can be interacted with like a traditional vr game but what can be is excellent. Reloading is the most satisfying feeling I've ever had in a vr game to date including pavlov.

Despite not being a vr developer Capcom somehow put most VR dev teams to shame.

@crimson if it's the social screen output I'd believe it however as it's clearly not the most robust implementation to date given the headset each foviated rendering deficit is far easier to notice given it's not obviously using eye tracking on the social screen meaning the output is noticeably worse to the non player something that's impossible to noticing headset

anast4d ago

You are seeing the future of gaming folks. I appreciate being a part of it.

Babadook74d ago

Indeed. I feel like I’m privileged to play next gen stuff today when games take advantage of the hardware with AAA quality.

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generic-user-name3d ago

Hats off to Capcom for supporting PSVR continuously for 6+ years now. Bethesda were the only other 3rd party publisher who were really pushing for VR until they were acquired by the anti-VR MS. Hopefully more will come, Sony, get out your wallet and start getting VR modes into more mainstream AAA titles.

Profchaos3d ago

I really hope there's still a chance Bethesda can show psvr2 some love given they still released doom 3 VR post acquisition.

Microsoft has historically allowed their Dev teams to work on non competing gaming platforms for example rare was permitted to continue making GBA games post acquisition

ApocalypseShadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

All Sony really has to do is pay Capcom a big sum of money to put Dragon's Dogma 1 or 2 in VR. Would be great to see Skyrim updated. But doing this with Capcom would kill the need of needing Bethesda and avoid.. lol. Anti VR Microsoft.

They took many developers out the VR game with all their publisher purchases.

generic-user-name3d ago

I'd take more Capcom AAA titles, but I need Sony to convince R* that GTA V, RDR2 and GTA VI need to support VR too.

Babadook73d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"Sony, get out your wallet and start getting VR modes into more mainstream AAA titles."

I like that sentiment.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony remade TLoU Pt1 to make a killer VR patch. With the gun mechanics it would work as well in VR as RE titles.

generic-user-name1d 10h ago

That was my hope when TLOU Part 1 was announced but with still no word of VR support at all, it seems doubtful at this stage. If they have Nixxes for PC ports, they should also acquire a studio for PSVR2 ports, maybe someone like First Contact Entertainment, who they already have a close relationship with.

Neonridr3d ago

having this game in my possession and refusing to play it until the VR mode is ready has been excruciating. I want to play this game already, hurry up Capcom PLEASE!


iPhone 15 Pro to Get Resident Evil 4 Remake & Village

The iPhone 15 Pro is positioned as a groundbreaking mobile gaming platform, and ports of the most recent Resident Evil won't hurt that image.

MocBistro5d ago

It will be a toned down and half assed port. If you want tp play decent games, buy a Steamdeck for 1/4 of the price.

cluclap5d ago

Uhm... the new iphone will probably be a more powerful than the steam deck bro lol. Hell I think the iPhone 13 or 14 is more powerful than the steam deck

MocBistro4d ago

You are stupid if you believe it. One is a fullblown x64 processors and desktop rated gpu, one is a arm soc. They claimed M1 chip is even or faster than rtx3060. Have you ever played games on the M1 chip?

purple1015d ago

They are about equal in power I believe. 1.6tf vs 1.8tf in iphone

Of course they both slow when they get hot probably.

Bigger really is better after all - in regards to chasis size & its why ps5 looks like it does, it has a masshoosiv heatsink and fan.

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