Five of Gaming's Coolest Ever Limited Edition Items

Developers and marketers sometimes dream up fun ways to create hype for an upcoming title. Here are five of the coolest limited edition swag ever put with video games.

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jamesclark199143d ago

The cool thing about the PS2 chainsaw display was that there was a (kind-of) hidden compartment at the back which was the exact size to hold the PS2 steelbook.

darthv7242d ago

I have that controller but sadly I lost the main cord. And its not something that was anything close to being standard or easy to find.

PrimeVinister42d ago

One of my friends had it back in the day and I had wondered alout why it had a detachable cord that you could lose.

My friend then said it was so they could manufacture the one unit and then fire its appropriate cord in the appropriate box.

But then we realised each version has a different socket on the unit itself - so there was zero point in it except for collectors to lose the cable.

You know the designers are on r/, gamecollecting, laughing away.

jamesclark199142d ago

I kept my cord in the "hidden" little brown drawer on the base of the unit.