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The roar of the engine in your ears. The smell of that new interior and the pride of rolling down the block in your new set of wheels. Each one of those can be felt when you first grab AAG's Will writes: "Forza Horizon 2. The smell of a new game as you crack the case open has the same feel as opening your door to smell that interior for the first time. Walking out of the store with your new purchase in your hands can sometimes feel similar to rolling down the block in your new wheels. The best one yet happens when you put in your disc, load up the game and turn the surround all the way up to 30. That roar is your new set of wheels and those wheels are in the new game from Playground Games. So rev that engine to the line it’s Forza time."

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daBUSHwhaka1478d ago

After what I though was the disappointing forza 5,I really am looking forward to this so much.The open world racer has much more appeal to me than track racing.Adored the the first horizon and I'm sure this will be no different.Going by the review scores I won't be dissapointed.Hopefully get this in my hands tomorrow with a bit of luck.

4Sh0w1478d ago

Damm, I hope traffic will understand that I'm on my way home today at exactly 5, not 5:01, but f-ing 5 and everybody just needs to the get hell out of my way. lol, just BS'in but seriously thats sort of what I'll be thinking driving home today to get started on this game.

tgunzz1478d ago

hahahah! Talk to ANNA, get a course, and head off road! This game is amazing! Just got to Nice in my new Ferrari!

NukaCola1478d ago

I think I spent more time in Most Wanted driving around goofing off than playing actual races. The concept of open world racing is brilliant and fun.

VforVideogames1478d ago

Even my wife who doesn't play video games like this game, I downloaded the demo and let her try it and now she wont stop playing and all that with a big smile on her face, that's what I call HAPPY GAMING!!

FanboyKilla1478d ago Show
3-4-51478d ago

My Opinion After playing a Full day of FH2:

* Forza 5 = 8.5
* Forza Horizon 2 = 9.5

Yea It's literally that good. Best Forza game I've ever played....Best driving game I've ever played.

I wasn't somebody who was all pumped up about this as well. I was pretty excited but only really in the last week.

* Every second of playing this game has been fun.

Traded Destiny in for it and it was the best gaming decision of 2014 for me.

Charmamba1478d ago

If not for doing this review, I'd likely have skipped the title as well. So glad I didn't!

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Dewitt1478d ago

Best. Racing. Game. Ever.

I have never had this much fun in any game, just the ultimate happy pill honestly.

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gamernova1478d ago

I'd love to give forza a shot but I am a PC gamer.

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hello121478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I have a high end PC it has i7490k CPU clocked at 4.0ghz can be overclocked to 5.0ghz i have 32mb of memory and gtx770 card, and i own a console.


Hopefully you meant 32gb of RAM lol, and if you do... HOLY $H!T O.O

gamernova1478d ago

Just a 770? Lol The RAM and CPU is nice and all but gaming doesn't really demand all that. With that being said, I have a 780 but am really digging the overclock-ability of the new 900 series cards. That energy efficiency is hard to ignore.

zero_gamer1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I go you one better. I am a PC gamer with all three consoles.

jhoward5851478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

MS has finally redeemed themselves from all the hate for Forza 5 by releasing a masterpiece as such as FH2.

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