European PS3 Platinum Titles Revealed

Box art of the first european PlayStation 3 Platinum titles have been revealed.

MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destrution are the first ones to be on the Platinum line.

No word on date or prices.

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Lucreto5787d ago

I can't remember are the Platinum games are first party games or just games that sold over a million?

eagle215787d ago

All of which have sold a million or millions , and are well into profit mode repectively and will push hardware sales.

If they go platinum in the United States this year, it would be MEGATON. :)

Lucreto5787d ago

Thanks have a bubble.

Heavenly Sword got to a million? I'm surprised and pleased it did. It was a very good game pity it was so short but the quality make up for it.

PirateThom5787d ago

It's not first party or exclusive, it's any games that have sold over a certain number.

sonarus5787d ago

What happened to the sony EU boycott...i hope now one plans on buying any of these games for a cheaper price since they are on a boycott and all

mikeslemonade5787d ago

What the hell happened to "Greatest Hits"?

PirateThom5787d ago

Greatest Hits is the US version, they're called Platinum in PAL regions and The Best in Japan.

And, sonarus, who was on a boycott? I just take my annoyances to the PS Blog now and spam SCEA.

Clinton5145787d ago

The benchmark is NOT a million it's actually 500,000.

Seraphim5786d ago

actually the PS2 mark/requirement for Greatest Hits is/was 400k and on the market for 9 months. The PSP is only 250k. I'd be surprised if Sony raised it to 500k atm, but I guess it's possible.

But this begs the question. Where the *bleep* is North Americas Greatest Hits lineup? I figured between April-July we'd hear something. But I really thought they might announce it before E3. Guess at E3 we can expect an announcement for the Greatest Hits lineup in North America. If not then wtf is Sony waiting for!? The PS3 to flatline?

resistance1005786d ago

The requirements for a platium title on PS2 were 800K in that Region. No idea what it is for Ps3.

However all the games shown did sell really well in Europe (uncharted and Heavenly Sword saw great sales in Europe, but average elsewhere which is a shame)

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Foolsjoker5787d ago

That sucks, i already own all of these =(

Dark_Overlord5787d ago

except for heavenly sword, the demo put me off the game

Silogon5787d ago

Good to see Ratchet & Clank getting the sales required to hit this target. 1.5 million plus units world wide according to TGV and that is great! This is easily the best looking game of next gen. Uncharted is another well deserved one. Motorstorm, ehhhh. Gonna have my reserves on that one.

PoSTedUP5787d ago

motorstorm is the illest arcade dirt racing game to date.

rucky5787d ago

Why do they make Platinum title boxart so ugly. It sorta has that "I'm cheap" feeling when looking at it. I guess that's the point. Why not just make it blue or red? Though yellow could work for Haze if ever it does go platinum.

Polluted5787d ago

Jesus god that's some ugly box art. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. Let's hope it's not final. Nice to see they're dropping the prices on some great games, though.

IdleLeeSiuLung5787d ago

Not sure why they make it so fugly, but it seems to apply to all console manufacturers. If it is a budget title, make it look cheap!!!

Itachi5787d ago

when i go to buy old games i deliberately look for the original package for the game

i dont like the look of the platinum covers

barom5786d ago

damn is it the sun I'm looking at? so bright and ugly.

ahh well I think it at least look better than the "red" label for PS2 games. And certainly better than X360's. May sound fanboyish of me but if you take a look yourself you'll see that X360 has the UGLIEST platinum label ever.

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UnblessedSoul5787d ago

Why dont they keep it silver like the ps2 platinum ones

Polluted5787d ago

That was the Xbox Platinum Hits. PS2 million sellers got a red stripe across the top.

The real question is why Nintendo never drops the price on old games.

Polluted5787d ago

Hey cool. I've never seen one of those. They still charge $40 for used copies of Mario Kart and Strikers for the cube at all the EBgames stores around here.