Forza Horizon 2 Guide: Barn Finds Guide

The Barn Finds in Forza Horizon 2 have rare, unique and most importantly free cars waiting to be found. They are hidden throughout the world and only unlock after a certain amount of races. This guide will help you find the barns as soon as you unlock them.

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urwifeminder1481d ago

When I built my pc i overlooked the first game enjoyed the demo though, this was one feature I was looking forward to spot the barn in the distance and just cut through the field to get it.

supes_241481d ago

Awesome! I'm bookmarking this to refer to it tonight

iistuii1481d ago

Is it just me, but i hate things like this. When i buy a game i want to play & enjoy it. If i have to search the whole map for the last barn, id do it. I know, i know, i don't have to look, but i just don't get how folks want to cheat themselves out of the fun...maybe its just me.

DRZ4501481d ago

I love it it's like where's Waldo in a whole different game.