Gamesdog Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

By: Chris Pickering

To finally see Snake go is certainly a sad time. As a closing to an epic series, this is the fan service we all dreamed of. As a game on its own, it's stunning in its own right. Ignore the naysayers who claim the story is dull and tedious, they're just fools. Metal Gear Solid 4 is simply fantastic.

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TheExecutive3826d ago

That is the 51st 10/10 for MGS4.

clintos593826d ago

It really deserves it. The game is just so damn awesome. :)

Drekken3826d ago

how isnt the meta score higher then GTA by now? It stays at 9.6

Hydrolex3825d ago

Ok whoever gave MGS4 anything under 10 needs attention.

The Wood3825d ago

this is an MGS encore

*raises glass for the 51st time*

To Kojima and team

sonarus3825d ago

@The wood, very well said. Those guys deserve all the credit. For almost 4 yrs, they poured everything they had into one game. We are very very pleased with the results.

MGS4 re defines the word epic in video games. Best movie this yr best game this gen

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-Maverick-3826d ago

Right now I'm coming close to the end of ACT 5 (I think)



Seriously its just so epic and amazing.

I'm am WOW'D.

SPECTER3826d ago

keep em coming.
MGS4 deserves every single 10/10.

juuken3826d ago

This game deserves it.

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The story is too old to be commented.