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Destructoid: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Ultimately, like many ambitious projects, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor doesn't deliver on everything it sets out to do. Although Monolith's heart is in the right place and the stuido honors the lore, it doesn't really add anything that's worth seeing outside of some solid open world gameplay. It isn't a bad game, it just feels far too repetitive for its own good.

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Community3525d ago
Chuk53525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )


Edit:wonder how it'll all shake out

slappy5083525d ago

6/10? This game doesn't look like a 6/10 to me from all the gameplay videos I've seen. *shrugs* , I'm buying this game , regardless of reviews

Enemy3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )


Most of the scores are 8's and 9's. This is the only 6 so far, you can ignore it.

Buy what looks good to you. Set your own opinion.

DafunkyRebel3525d ago

No you should NOT ignore it if anything you should REALLY pay attention to these low reviews and read them to make sure there isn't anything wrong with the game that the other guys left out or neglected to take away from the score. For all you know the person at IGN loved batman games and the weird crow fighting combat style. What if you bought it and find out it sucked because its not your type of game? This is just another case of hype from review

slappy5083525d ago

In my case, nothing will detract me from buying this. For one I'm a Lord of the. Rings fan so I'm genuinely interested in the storyline They have to tell here. Also I loved Arkham series so I think gameplay is covered. Obviously we have to see how well the. Nemesis system works here. general consensus so far is good. Repetitive gameplay even won't be a real risk for me as like I said I want to see the storyline, but I genuinely do think this is a great action stealth game. Perhaps the ones that should research as to whether or not this game is for them Is Non lord of the rings fans. But one of the critics that have reviewed it and claimed to be a non fan gave it over 9 so I just think this will be appealing to most people who are fans of action games

mikeslemonade3525d ago

I never understood the hype for this game. Perhaps it's fan-fare favoritism since it's LotR. The gameplay videos look like the big and empty spaces in Destiny.

I pass. I don't think I will play this at all.

monkeyDzoro3525d ago


You're a bit mistaken. If he finds out that it's not his type of game, it won't be because the game SUCKED... but because the game doesn't fit his playstyle.
That's a current mistake. If you don't like a game, it doesn't mean the game SUCKS. It means it's not for you.

morganfell3525d ago

My self induced hype could care less what some reviewer wrote. Come Tuesday everything takes a backburner for this game. destrctoid, one of the homes of gamersgate has an opinion that isn't worth the time of day.

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joab7773525d ago

I must say having not played it, if it does combat like batman but gorier, has a beautiful open world and Tolkien story, while also adding not only your progression bit ur enemies too, can ot be a 6 or are we being a tad to difficult on next gen games?

It has a pretty cool system with randomized enemies rising the ranks. Of one kills u, he gets promoted and next time u fight him, he remembers killing u the 1st time. Pretty crazy.

I think seeing batman, the Witcher 3 and bloodborne has made it impossible for these games to do well. Let's see if even the aforementioned games don't get crucified by reviewers and their lofty expectations.

Hell, i know Destiny isn't the sprawling epic single player adventure many thought it would be, but it's definitely the mist fun I've had this yr. I am sure Mordor will also be pretty good too.

weekev153525d ago

I spose everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even when its wrong as in this case.

Scrivlar3525d ago

Jesus...Pretty much every game this gen that's not been a remastering has been an average 7-8/10 let down. I'm a huge LOTR fan so I'm going to keep my hopes up but this doesn't bode well.

matrixman923525d ago

this is literally the only review so far below an 8

Scrivlar3524d ago

That's good news :) It does look awesome actually. Just felt the likes of Watch Dogs and Infamous etc have all been shite compared to the hype

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