Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system was patented by Warner Bros

This might explain why no other games copied such a good idea

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phoenixwing849d ago

well this is annoying if it's true. The precedent of patenting gameplay mechanics isn't really something we should be encouraging in the industry. Especially when in the past the work of those before them was used to create new experiences.

Vanfernal849d ago

I would like love to see a Mad Max game with the Nemesis system.

monkey602849d ago

It was one of the most exciting mechanics to come with the PS4 era. I couldn't wait to see what other studios would do with it in games.

BeRich233849d ago

I uninstalled shadow of war because one day I had like 5 nemesis confront me within 2 minutes. Annoying!!

demonseye848d ago

i think that was part of the fun.

Abnor_Mal849d ago

For years I've been trying to get a friend to play Shadow of Mordor, I even loaned him my copy and he never played it, his son did and loved it.

Advance time six years later, and now my friend calls me and says he needs a new game to play. Again I say try Shadow of Mordor, at the time it was on sale for six dollars, he finally bit the bullet and bought it.

A few hours later he calls me again raving about thr game and how much he loves it. Wondering why I never told him about the game before, so I had to refresh his memory. Since then that is all I've seen him playing, he loves thw nemesis system how enemies rank up after killing you, how they remeber you and make fun of you for falling in battle.

The first game was great, but the second, not so much. It felt like there was a lot of unnecessary grinding involved, so I stopped playing. Also thr controls were a bit off for me, I dont know but it might have been controller issues, I dont remember.

Its messed up that Warner Bros. are keeping the patent to themselves, it would be an asset to any other game that tries to incorporate the nemesis system. Hopefully others can make a similar system that does not infringe on this patent.

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