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"The opening cinematic sets new standards in unnecessary petrol-headed pretentiousness, featuring hot young people frolicking in sunny fields spliced with footage of exotic motors carving up coastlines to pulse-quickening beats.

Within the dizzying montage, that initial video-bomb declares Horizon 2's aim clearly. It's about speed, sun, tunes and more speed, taking the superior handling of Turn 10's sim and sending it on holiday.

Unlike the Forza Motorsport games, this is an open-world which tracks are carved out of organically. The setting is harder to place than the original's Colorado: this time we've a condensed European mishmash of Southern France and Northern Italy, but that's not to say it's anything other than beautiful. From the Castellato coastline to the San Giovanni forest to the... nice city of Nice, it's all a visual treat."

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GarrusVakarian2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Great review. I love that the reviewer acknowledges that not every game needs to reinvent the genre to be successful or enjoyable. The first game laid a solid foundation that PG built upon for the second game. I'm sure the vast majority of players will be happy with that.

Gazondaily2394d ago

Yeah, especially for a racer, its important that the driving mechanics are solid (someone tell NeoGaf that on the Driveclub thread and the whole 'corridor racer' fiasco *shudder*)

PG have outdone themselves again. It will be MS's best interests to sweep them up before they go somewhere else!

GodGinrai2394d ago

"It will be MS's best interests to sweep them up before they go somewhere else!"

Yup. they have stuck gold twice in a row now. Can only imagine how good FM6 will be if they carry the weather and day night systems over..and then FM6 will bring some new features that carry over to FH3. the two studios compliment each other perfectly.

ABizzel12394d ago


Agreed, as long as the game shows improvement, fixes the issues the first had, and provides more content then what's there to complain about.

It only becomes a drag when it's on version 6, had a release every year, and sees marginal improvements with each iteration.

Give people space to miss the game, so they want to buy the sequel.

Now is there a racing wheel that works with both XBO and PS4, there are just too many good driving games, and I might as well get ready.

Torque_CS_Lewith2394d ago

My own personal Metacritic consists of CVG, Lazygamer, IGN and Joystiq.
9/8.9/9/8 = a buy for me.

ABizzel12394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I do something similar, but I use IGN (from a fanboy perspective), EuroGamer (from a technical perspective), Edge (from a critical perspective......when they manage to get the review up), and Game Informer (.....print source XD).

So out of my guys it's a 87.7 out of 100 (missing edge), which is about what I expected based on the demo.

Most reviews will give it a 8.5 or a 9

Ka7be2394d ago ShowReplies(3)
SteamPowered2394d ago

Good stuff. I may have to dust off the ol X1 for this one.

MorePowerOfGreen2394d ago

Dust it off? You stopped gaming for a while? The console has the most to offer.

SteamPowered2394d ago

Ive been gaming but mostly on Pc. To be honest, I havent turned on my X1 since Titanfall...
My buddy really wants to play some Destiny and this Forza 2 looks too good to pass up.
I still love my consoles, Im just enamored with Pc lately.

Toman852394d ago

Agreed Steampowered. My X1 has old games now. Titanfall I got in april, after that the dust slowly arrived. Need something to play. Forza Horizon 2 is a must buy.

WeAreLegion2394d ago

I'm glad the reviewer feels this way. I hate when they lower scores because of that. Not every game has to be revolutionary. A good game is a good game.

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