How fans can get Konami to re-release Suikoden II on U.S. PSN

Yuichi Haga, Online Content Producer for Konami Digital Entertainment, explains how fans can get Konami Japan's attention to re-release Suikoden II on U.S. PSN.

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Lucreto3536d ago

Watching the stream and it brings back memories.

I am still waiting for Suikoden 1 in Europe.

killacal133536d ago

Let's do it! I never played Suikoden, but I know lots of people want it, so let's all try to get konami to pay attention to this.

Fatty3536d ago

Fatty still has his copy (even wipe the Crisco off my hands before I touch it), but I'd buy it again in a strained heartbeat when my pacemaker activates.

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-Hermit-917d ago

Dragon Quest 11 isn't even the best Dragon Quest game, it's a good game, but not the best. Dragon Quest 8 is superior to it in almost every way.

thorstein917d ago

...and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4....

I am biased.

Hofstaderman917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

OK let's end this, in order
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 6
Chrono Trigger
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire 4
Breath of Fire 3
Dragon Quest 8
Dragon Quest 11
Vagrant Story
Saga Frontier 2
Chrono Cross
Suikoden 2
Threads of Fate
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Lunar 2

Jiub917d ago

Sometimes I forget how much of a powerhouse the PS1 was

MadLad917d ago

I don't play too many jrpgs, and I'm trying to diversify a bit.

Outside of FF and Dragon Quest, what two games from that list do you most recommend someone trying? Doesn't matter if it's a sequel to another game or not.

Jiub917d ago

IMO: Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II