The 10 PS1 JRPGs With The Best Storylines, Ranked

Fans of RPGs love the storytelling. These JRPGs on PlayStation have the most compelling and smart storylines, and we had some fun ranking them.

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BlahBlahWhatever22d ago

He! What a surprise the TOP 3 is my 3 all time favorite games, not in that order but this doesn't matter, this shows how much people appreciate games with amazing stories & those 3 games have the best story & character development (also best OST) that's why anyone who play them get in love with them & never forget them :)

lucian22922d ago

good list; adored Valkyrie profile and xenogears

pietro121222d ago

That's a pretty good list..I'm glad to see Xenogears made it on there

BrainSyphoned22d ago

Thousand Arms and Azure Dreams spit in your general direction. Xeno is #1 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.