Revisit the golden age of RPGs - Top 10 PlayStation JRPGs

"When it comes to JRPGs, no console has as many top-notch experiences as PS1 so let's explore the 10 best RPGs for PlayStation." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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indysurfn956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

hmmmm I missed playing three of them and I would include what they included in the top 10 so I bet I would like the three I missed.

Why are turn based Golden? Isnt golden suppose to mean oldest>? Turn based came SECOND action rpgs came first. In fact Square release Dragon slayer 1 and 2 before filing for bankruptcy and right before it was final they released the first turn based one final fantasy(1). And was saved. Too bad they returned to action to smooth out earning for investors.

PiNkFaIrYbOi957d ago

Personally, I believe the golden age for JRPGs would of been between the 4th-6th generation of consoles.

SaiyanFury957d ago

And these games are some of the strongest reasons why the original PlayStation is my all time favourite system of all time.

indysurfn956d ago

yeah it is why I switched from being a sega man to a playstation man!

Playbey0nd957d ago

Xenogears...I felt the nostalgia reading from the site:

“Without a doubt, Xenogears has the best story out of any PS1 JRPG. In fact, it may just feature the grandest story in all of gaming. With a fictional history spanning over 10,000 years and a protagonist that keeps being reincarnated through time, trying to wrap your head around the plot is as exacting as it is engaging. Being able to battle in giant mechs known as Gears and on foot with a super-satisfying combo system is great fun and the soundtrack is one of the best scores ever composed in gaming. What could beat this?”

indysurfn956d ago

wow that is something how does it compare to the trails of cold steel series?

Fist4achin956d ago

Solid list. Out of personal preference i might shift around a few of the ranked numbers.