Sony: Delaying Games Is 'The Right Call'

"Delays seem to be increasingly common as budgets and expectations spiral out of control, but they also lack the stigma they used to have a generation or two ago. In the past, a slipped date might cast a shadow on development. Why isn't it out on time? What's gone wrong? Now, however, most delays are accompanied by a uniquely special message that's often hard to argue with - "we can make this better."

Sony has one of the most notable recent delays with Driveclub, a high profile PS4 launch game originally promised as the first big next-gen PS Plus freebie. Currently it's targeting October of this year and according to Sony's UK VP and MD Fergal Gara, in certain situations, holding something back is simply the right thing to do."

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Benjammin251487d ago

I agree. I'd rather have a great game later, than a bad game sooner.

ape0071487d ago

an already good game will get better with a delay, a bad game is bad forever

pedrof931487d ago

Actually DC was mediocre before delay, the good feedback came after E3.

ape0071487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

^^^^ yeah i wish they did motorstorm instead of it, i loved the first Motorstorm

they can pull the 2005 trailer with the PS4

GarrusVakarian1487d ago

Take a look at DC last year, then take a look at it now. Vast improvement in every area. I'm glad Sony/Evo had the sense and the courage to take the risk (I say courage because delays can make people lose hype/interest, and a delay is usually associated with something negative, which in turn might negatively influence public perception of the game), rather than release an unfinished, less enjoyable game purely to meet a certain release window.

nX1487d ago

Driveclub looked like a good racing game before but it became a must-have for me during the last few months.

Yi-Long1487d ago

I'm never bothered about delays: I rather wait a while longer so they can improve the game to make it as great as possible, instead of seeing them release a mediocre game and then spending months to try patch it all up (cough-BATTLEFIELD-cough).

I'm a bit worried about the announced DLC-milking. Will wait and see how that works out.

MasterCornholio1487d ago


Yep that's so true.


Jamaicangmr1487d ago

@ ape007
Stop picking on watch dogs lol!

XBLSkull1486d ago

Not like delayed games is a new thing, it has been happening for years, and it happens to every game except CoD of course lol.

You want a broken game now or a functioning game later? Simple as that.

UltimateMaster1486d ago

Also, more PS4 gets sold and they have a bigger audience and potential sales.

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TheEternalGamer1487d ago

sir that was actually logical . i don't know if you know this logic is banned on the internet......

Hands Up For Games1487d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto — 'A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.'

I think Shiggy knows what he's talking about :)

Hellsvacancy1487d ago

True statement but on the flip side of that, delaying a game too long could hurt it, look at The Last Guardian

Hellsvacancy1487d ago

I meant to add that the expectations for TLG are going to be astronomical

TheEternalGamer1487d ago

They mainly delayed it for they can release it for the PS4.

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snookiegamer1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Sony 98% correct on this one!

Why leave a bad taste in gamer's mouth's and potentially lose sales in a franchise. Gamer's are used to waiting...nothing new.


With exception to The Last Guardian & Agent ;/

ceballos77mx1487d ago

And dont forget ff versus, I waited long for that one, then they turned it into XV, and now they're dumbing it down...double heart break :(

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