Exclusive Lords of the Fallen Gameplay with Tomasz Gop – the first 20 minutes

Connected Digital World writes: With Lords of the Fallen out in 6 weeks time, I sat down with Executive Producer Tomasz Gop to record some brand new gameplay and commentary – this is the first 20 minutes of the game.

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sobotz1484d ago

The video it's so boring. It took AGES to kill one enemy.

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callahan091484d ago

Game doesn't impress me at all. Poor texture work, tons of screen tearing, and a few bugs that stood out easily make it look unpolished.

Besides that, the gameplay just looks unexciting.

That Fire Warden boss at the end looked so EASY. Dark Souls, this is not.

This boss telegraphed every move like 3 full seconds in advance, it moves slow as hell, its attacks took forever to execute and were easy to dodge, and it doesn't close the distance between himself and you in a rapid way. I don't recall any bosses in Dark Souls that are anywhere close to that easy to fight. I don't even think there are that many regular, plain old enemies in Dark Souls that are that easy!

Zichu1484d ago

Although I really enjoy the Souls series, it suffers from clunky controls, slow combat and repetitive tactics in terms of combat.

The mobs aren't hard in Dark Souls, you will die on multiple occasions, but you learn how they move and they become easy. Some you can just exploit easily.

This guy has probably played this game over and over again, so he knows how to move and when to hit. This game also looks a lot smoother than Dark Souls, so I am hoping for smooth gameplay and controls.

callahan091483d ago

I have never heard anyone call the Souls games "clunky" in control, and I disagree with that 100%.

The guy playing making it look easy doesn't mean that it isn't ACTUALLY easy also. It looks easy as hell. That boss moves very slowly, it takes a long time to finish an attack, it telegraphs every move like 3 seconds in advance, it's just plain and simply an easy looking fight.

the_dark_one1484d ago

is the screan tearing from the game or video? or are my eyes deceiving me?

Enemy1484d ago

Looks like it's from the video feed, actually. Developers said there will be no tearing.

the_dark_one1484d ago

ya i first thought so. it was weird cause in the video there was like big line of distortion so it made more sense being the video

jobboy1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

screen tearing is terrible and really need to be fixed

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Forn1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Ehh, this is looking pretty rough around the edges... Definitely on the fence about it. Also, why aren't the enemies attacking him?... Hmm, idk.

Omnisonne1484d ago

He explained earlier in the vid that these specific enemies are blind, also its just the tutorial lol

Sketchy_Galore1484d ago

Disgusting how little creativity and originality there is in gaming these days. It's really turned into Hollywood. Just moneymen crafting games around market feedback of what sold well last year.

Roccetarius1484d ago

Yeah, that's pretty much why you have to be picky about games these days. There are certainly not many games, that are actually designed without market feedback being dominant.

Omnisonne1484d ago

Yh, idont care what people might say or think, but this game took a LOT of mechanics from the Souls series, and im not entirely sure if i want to support devs like that. But iguess we'll see

equal_youth1484d ago

i would support them as they try to keep the game on the hard difficulty lvl. Also i think the high-fantasy setting is well underused in gaming. I will wait and see but if they stay away from the casual/easy gaming methods i will buy it.

NiteX1484d ago

There has never been a time in gaming where copying of ideas was not present. Nothing has changed in that department.

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