GameVideos: MGS4 'Beauty Dancing' Gameplay (Spoiler)

(Potential Spoilers) Use the iPod to play 'Teo-Han Seikatsu' and watch her dance!

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Deathlord263771d ago

Thats funny, the beauty just totally forgets snake is there and starts to dance. I wonder how they got the beauty to appear outside of the campaign.

ice_prophecy3771d ago

When you beat the beast, and she starts walking you around and tries hugging you, keep running for a minute or two, then it will change scenes into the white background. From there you can play that song to make them dance, or pull out ur camera to make them do poses

shine13963771d ago

man that's MGS for sure....on a side note was anybody out there wanting snake to finish of with Mei ling? my mate was thinking it, and it got me wondering back to MGS one, would've been cool, i reckon..

Blackcanary3771d ago

I've said this in my other comments to do with MGS4 but when u listen to that song and u press the start button u can see Sunny Danceing.

Sk8boyP3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Wow, nice. I liked the video but did anyone notice the animation! Damn, that's next gen!

LONEWOLF2313771d ago


I have to try this.

avacadosnorkel3771d ago

I wonder. Is stuff like this in the strategy guide, or do people just sit around for hours just trying different stuff?

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