Metal Gear Solid 4 Database Out On Japanese PSN

(Contains No Spoilers)
Metal Gear Solid 4 Database to be released tomorrow on PSN:

For those of you who simply can't get enough of everything MGS, there's surprise for everyone tomorrow on PSN -- an official Metal Gear Solid 4 Database. The Database is a "free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise." In other words, all the MGS lore you could ever want in one free official package.

In consideration of those of us who haven't finished MGS4 yet, there is a feature that eliminates any and all MGS4 information for a spoiler-free experience. They also added a camouflage and a new music for the in-game iPod under EXTRAS of the main menu for immediate download. It looks like Konami has a lot of MGS4 DLC up their sleeves, we can't wait!

Editor's Note:

The Japanese version of the MGS4 Database is up at the Japanese PSN!!

After installation it is not found under Extras in the game menu but rather a separate DLC game. The Japanese download has the option of Japanese, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. It does indeed asks you if you want to use your save file to unlock any spoilers. Spoilers are locked by default and you need a save of the cleared game to unlock it. There's also a menu for "Briefing" which is for people who have already beat the game, so maybe you get an extra Mission Briefing.

Log on to the Japanese PSN if you want this MGS Encyclopedia one day early!

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morganfell4788d ago

Is this a second piece of Music and Camo? I ask because from the first day of the game release there was 1 Ipod Track and 1 Camo for download from the in game Extras menu.

Dir_en_grey4788d ago

I'm playing on Big Boss Hard and haven't beat the game yet.
So far I can not find the new camo and can't tell if there's a new song because I can't remember which ones are old...

Dir_en_grey4788d ago

Ok this is a separate game just like you would find it for a PSN game. It has an English option so it's ok to download the Japanese one at the Japanese PSN.

morganfell4788d ago

grey, around 6 in the morning after the midnight launch I checked the extras menu and the downloads were there.

Dir_en_grey4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

I meant to say there were no NEW extras under the extra menu besides the the podcast and camo we already got.
I haven't cleared the game yet so maybe that's why.
There's an seems to be an extra briefing for people who have already beat the game btw.

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PoSTedUP4788d ago

probably, the digital red camo was from mgs3, i hope the new camo is something good like... like wearing a bush or something crazy like that. or a complete mud suite. : )

Jon86024788d ago

Im already up to date on all things mgs related cuz I own them all but this is an awesome update to an already awesome game. Who knows, I might learn something more that I didnt already know because this story will put you in circles and raise questions. Hopefully its a nice excited.

Silogon4788d ago

I was disappointed in having the ipod but not being able to play your own music in the game. It makes no sense at all. So close, but so very far away.

Matthew good's fall of man would be a great song to play during the rails shooter. Believe that!

JVIDICAN4788d ago

its being included with 2.4

Expy4787d ago

Not sure, but what does it check for as "clear-game"? I've cleared the game 3 times and it doesn't detect it, could this be due to it being Japanese?

Dir_en_grey4787d ago

You went into options of MGS4 Database and manually chose unlock, and it still didn't work?

hay4787d ago

Most probably cause save files are varied for different regions.

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