Real #GameDev’s Sound off Regarding the #GamerGate Controversy

Whether you fully believe in the meaning of #GamerGate, partially, or if you completely disagree with it – it has far reaching implications and lots of game developers have decided to speak out. The majority of them are scared, just like you dear readers and fellow gamers. Some of them may also be outraged at the evidence that has been dug up against the regular suspects, but they all seem to be in agreement – something has to be done, and a new standard has to be set.

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kingdip901492d ago

Well of course it does. Whether people reading this think gamergate is ludicrous, the fact is the consumer wants change. Gaming journalism has no choice whether it's right or wrong.

Trigger_War1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I think these guys are being pretty brave. Being honest and reasonable on the internet has become a high risk proposition.

I really hope that the pendulum starts swinging the other way. Supporting gamergate is just one of many strikes against all these self appointed thought crime vigilantes.

Spotie1492d ago

If there were some way to hold people accountable, this would be an easy fix. Unfortunately, there is no such mechanism in place, and I fear implementing one from scratch will be nigh impossible.