Forza Horizon 2 Hands-on Preview

GoodGameBro writes, "Earlier this week, I had the chance to attend a Microsoft media event up in Toronto, Canada, which showcased a bunch of upcoming titles for the Xbox One. One of the main features was Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2012′s Forza Horizon on the Xbox 360. While my time with the title wasn’t lengthy, I thought I’d give you a few of my impressions on what I played and what you can expect when the demo drops early next week on the Xbox One."

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christocolus1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

studio is comprised of some major racing industry vets
who came from well-known racing studios across the
world including: Codemasters, Bizarre Creations,
Criterion, Slightly Mad Studios, and Black Rock Studio.”

“The most influential change comes with a dynamic
weather system that makes its way to the Forza series
for the first time. I had the chance to see it first-hand,
and the addition has a spectacular effect on the game,
even just in a visual sense. Not only will you see puddles
and rain fall, but you can also see how it physically alters
the material in the game. I saw rain fill up potholes in
the roads I was travelling on, and I also saw rain drops
fly off of the back of my car as I screamed down the
field (yes, field) trying to get first place in a race. What
was nice to see was how the weather could change even
in a short span of time. One minute I’m in a downpour,
and five minutes later I’m racing towards a rainbow in
the distance. It was on full display when I played
Horizon 2, and it was beautiful”

“Needless to say, my hype meter was incredibly high for
Forza Horizon 2 after it was announced, and I’m happy
to report that my hype meter has now skyrocketed
through the roof, and I think it’s safe to say that this
could end up being a legitimate contender for my
“Sports” Game of the Year.
Forza Horizon 2‘s visuals jump out at you right away, as
the game uses the same engine that Forza Motorsport 5”

I think MS and playground have another winner on their hands. I'm not even a big racing fan but i enjoyed the first horizon on 360 and FH2 is taking it up a notch. What PG is doing with this game is amazing. Can't even begin to imagine how good the next forza will look.

I'm certain ive watched that launch trailer over 20 times now. Great job PG. Great job.

Foehammer1495d ago

Well said

Developers are progressing in leaps and bounds with the new hardware, and as gamers we will reap the benefits.

Gorgeous looking game

3-4-51495d ago

Can't wait for this.

Won't even play Forza 5 much after this, as I think I'll enjoy the open road style a bit more, + the online with be MUCH better.

otherZinc1495d ago

@Foehammer, LMAO, great name!

I agree with your comment also. The options in Horizon 2 are incredible. It's a day 1 purchase for me months ago.

CoreySA1495d ago

Appreciate you taking the time to read the article man! I can't wait for everyone to try it. I was really impressed.

christocolus1495d ago

Its a well written article. Great job. Can't wait to try it out but that will probably be at launch.

Ra30301495d ago

The puddles of rain the falls in did that effect the cardboard cut out people that Forza is so famous for?

Foehammer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Maybe you should read the article/

Or perhaps you did and that's what's bothering you, the positive previews Horizon is getting.

I also laugh when nI see a comment history spent mostly in MS article yet claiming to dislike everything MS. Why not go to some PS4 articles? Because you're a troll.

Forza is known for being the highest rated racing game franchise, look it up.

What is DC famous for?

A 1 year delay and still...

1/8 the cars in Horizon

No replays

no tuning

arcade handleing.

There were 2 DC articles on the first page, yet you, like most ppl, avoided them.

You'll notice that nobody felt compelled to go to the DC articles and point out the aforementioned facts. Perhaps everyone should do just that, but then, ppl would screen "TROLLING"

Alicornium1495d ago

God, every time I see gameplay I get more excited.

I'm gonna explode soon.
18. more. days.

KYPRIME1495d ago

dude, driveclub destroys this paper cardboard horizon xbox 360 game ported to xb1 2

Sir_Simba1495d ago

Stop, u like driveclub fine, other people prefer FH2 leave them alone.

GodGinrai1495d ago


you must hate having bubbles.....

mcstorm1495d ago

Who said anything about DC. What is is with people like you having to bash things they are not interested in? Just because you like some more than something else dose not mean its the best.

DC is a different game than Horizon 2. Yes they are both racing games but one is a open world game and the other is not. DC only has 55 cars Horizon has 200+

Rather than be a fan boy trying to tell people that your dad is bigger than theirs try and see we are all different and like different things.

I'm getting Horizon 2 and DC I'm also getting the crew, f1 2015 and project cars and I love car games.

Try other games you never know you may even like some of them.

christocolus1495d ago


Lmao. Pathetic attempt at trolling. You guys are a joke.

Alicornium1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I'll play both, dude... calm down

also, that was one of the worst trolling attempts. ever. :/

mhunterjr1495d ago

DriveClub isn't half the game this is.... Literally FH2 has several times more content than DC does.

KYPRIME1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

so mush ass hurt here, ps4 8 months best selling console how do you feel xbots??? go play that paper horizon 2 with the other two guys that bought a xbone lmao, i'll play dc with 10 million people+

1495d ago
Dewitt1495d ago

Your loyalty to a company that has no barring on your life is just hilarious.

FH2 is setup to be spectacular and everyone who is a real unbiased gamer is excited for it. Everything you ever wanted in a racer is here. 3 days till the demo!

voltron4201701495d ago

The XB1 version is developed on the forza 5 engine built from the ground up for X1. The 360 version is on the F4 engine and done by an entirely different team. The games are completely different idiot.

Foehammer1495d ago

Then why not go to one of the two DC articles on the first page?

insecure troll conformed.

1495d ago
PS4OUR1495d ago

Lol, Xbox fanboys calling KYPRIME insecure but bother to comment on his obvious troll attempt.
Like moths to a flame.

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Neoninja1495d ago

Agree! Can't wait to speed around in a C7 Vette! Loved the first Horizon and this one seems to have improved on the original in every single way!

mcstorm1495d ago

I agree. For me the racing game I enjoyed the most last gen was Horizon. I can't wait to get me hands on Horizon 2 this game really looks to build on the 1st game but take advantage of the Xbox one power,

I am also looking forward to seeing how it looks on the 360 and there is a big difference in the 2 consoles but if they manage to add weather into the 360 game and make it fully open world like on the Xbox one then the developers have done a great job there too.

yankolo1495d ago

Anybody having trouble with the new update I cant change my color or gamerpic...itll go home when I try

Bigpappy1495d ago

Unplug your Xbox for 15 second then plug it back in. That should reset it and your problem fixed

1495d ago
Illusive_Man1495d ago

Best racer for 2014 and beyond, well until Forza 6 and Forza Horizons 3.

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