DriveClub: PS4 HDD Install Size, Loading Times 10 secs, Why No Split-Screen With Downgrade Graphics

Earlier this week, Evolution Studios' Paul Rustchynsky announced that their upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, DriveClub achieved Gold Status i.e. all coding and development work completed. Today, via Twitter Game Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed some interesting new details about the game such as "Install Size, Why No Split-Screen, Load Times" and many more things.

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SCW19821498d ago

There was no downgrade WTF AND NO this garbage.

SCW19821498d ago

Read Title and if they just use that as click bait and don't really talk about a downgrade than I don't want to read the article because of low ball tactics getting hits. Either way site gets no respect from me

Dee_911498d ago

Lol yea the wording is kind of messed up there but I think they mean downgrade the graphics for split screen.Most modern racers with the feature does this.I rarely play split screen so it doesn't really bother me.

mhunterjr1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Yeah, I read the article. It's not a bad title. The title makes it clear that the developer was answering questions. One of the questions was about why we don't get a graphically downgraded splitscreen multiplayer. He's just not comprehending.

elninels1498d ago

Commenting before reading is a terrible habit.

However this headline is terrible. It would never, ever be printed on a newspaper. It is neither aesthetically nor phonaesthically pleasing.

Just another reason gaming journalism is behind most other forms of journalism... journalism is in the toilet anyway. First the cable news gets bought and sold then newspapers die off. Posting and blogging and vlogging and youtubers are all thats left.

I miss george Carlin.

UltimateMaster1497d ago

10 seconds! That's faster than actually loading a game on PS3.

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mhunterjr1498d ago

You aren't reading the title correctly.

They aren't saying there's been a downgrade. They are explaining why there is no splitscreen multiplayer, which like any other split screen game, would obviously require downgraded graphics too pull off.

Nathan1701498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

They are saying that downgrading the graphics is not the only thing they need to make splitscreen work.Bad title...You must read the article to understand.

SCW19821498d ago

My bad everyone read title wrong.

JP13691498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The title makes sense as long as you don't have a persecution complex. "Why no split-screen with downgrade graphics" doesn't imply anything other than the complexities associated with the implementation of that feature that exist beyond simple rendering issues. If you're so worried about click-bait articles and still want to know about the game, then simply visit the Twitter page of Driveclub's game director.

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mrdxpr21498d ago

:( no split screen disappointed big time. This changes my whole view I don't like playing online as much y'all do I always prefer split screen playing with others on my tv.

Sir_Simba1498d ago

I dont share a console with anyone anymore, so not necessary but would ve loved

gamer78041498d ago

This is the first time ive heard of the no split screen. Probably won't by this if I can't play locally with my son

Applejack1498d ago

You can always get the free PS+ edition

gamer78041498d ago

yah i think, thats what i'm going to do.

Fkhalf161498d ago

at least give us a option, need a racing game to play with the family from time to time.

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