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From the review: "Need for Speed Carbon on the PlayStation 3 looks roughly comparable to its Xbox 360 counterpart--which is to say it looks really good, with some heavy-motion blur around the edges of the screen, lots of good-looking bump mapping, and slick lighting and reflection effects. There are a few subtle differences, most of which the PlayStation 3 version comes up on the short end of. The PS3 seems to have more jagged, aliased edges, and a framerate that is a little more stuttery. The soft glow and motion-blur effects do look better on the PS3 version, though there's times that it's laid on a bit too thick.

Ultimately, Need for Speed Carbon doesn't make the best use of some of the strengths from Need for Speed Most Wanted. Many of the changes made to the Most Wanted formula seem to be for the sake of change, but it all still just comes back to the solid driving action, which Need for Speed Carbon puts to good use."

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Athlon4439d ago

I guess different reviewers have different perceptions of the graphics. I was wondering why gamespot hadn't put up a review since this game was available on launch day. I picked it up from circuit city. I checked fo reviews. Many reviewers said that the PS3 version had better textures, was slightly more jaggie, more stable framerate or equal NOT worse, and ugly streamers (I play in first person view so it doesn't bother me). It still got a good review. If the game had been made for next-gen alone and not every console known to man, the grphics and framerate would have been better. It's just a modification of the most wanted engine. I didn't open it till I saw some good reviews. RR7 doesn't pull me in with the no name brand cars, and too arcadey feel. NFSC has more content in my opinion. EA needs to shape up, I bought this becuase I wanted a solid racer. It's okay.