Destructoid review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Destructoid writes, Metal Gear Solid 4 has been a long-awaited title. We first heard word back in 2005, and drama has only built up from there. It's been touted by PS3 owners as a reason to own the system, and then claimed to be coming to the 360. Well, all of that can be put to rest now that the game is in our hands and available for play.

We've followed the stories of Solid, Liquid, Big Boss, and a bevy of other names through three Metal Gear Solid titles, creating a web of plot points and storylines that have been left unanswered. Delving into Metal Gear Solid 4, I was looking for an experience unlike any of the previous games.

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Hydrolex4873d ago

I don't care about their score until it's higher than Halo 3. If it's higher than Halo 3 then this site is ....

Hydrolex4873d ago

"Halo 3 is persistently scoring in the 9 to 10 range."

So this website is a BS because GTA IV is better than Halo 3 and it got 8/10 ?

GTA IV was overhyped but it was better than Halo 3.

sonarus4873d ago

Both weren't bad games, they just didn't live up to the hype. GTA4 failed more than Halo 3 imo

Breakfast4873d ago


morganfell4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

I am not hammering their review too much but some of their comments are pure idiocy. Here is one:

"What I got to play, I enjoyed."

WTF? I know what he said afterward about numerous cinematics but there was still more actual game time than most games on various platforms. Hell I beat Mass Effect faster.

Shortly after he makes this tell tale remark:

"I had to frequently fall back into this pattern, or just hide for five minutes, because I needed to recover health, and finding rations was not easy."

???? or should I say !!!! I played through on Solid Normal and now I am going back through on Big Boss Hard and finding Rations, Noodles, or Revive is hardly tough.

LastDance4873d ago

You can call me a playstation fan boy ..because i am...but in my honest opinion...Halo 3 was better then GTA4... I was playing gta4 just last night....Man that game is ugly...Its just not that much fun...its just gta...Ive never revered the series. Especially after playing MGS4, GTA seems so average.

halo3 multiplayer online with 3 other friends = FUN.

morganfell4873d ago

I agree. HALO3 buries GTA4. It isn't just the graphics either. It is the end of this chapter of an epic battle. It isn't MGS4, but it is a great game.

CrashSharc4872d ago

wow... a review which isn't a 10 or an 8... refreshing. ( Although personally I think it deserves a 10)

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niall774873d ago

More places need to have more then one person reviewing a game.

Silogon4873d ago

Destructoid are the ones who started the MGs4 coming to xbox 360 rumor. The main Editor for the site was on Gamehead saying he talked to a member who worked on Kojimas team and was officially informed.

Anyways, if they gave GTA4 an 8 then this is great, but I don't frequent their site enough to know how bias or unbiased they are. I just know I don't like them from the whole gamespot ordeal where they tried to get more hits at their expense. I hate Gamespot too, by the way.

Kami4873d ago

Its official, MGS4 is the Sh*t, with Upper case S.

pepperfootball4873d ago

Good Point
+ bubbles and agree

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