Since when did cut scenes count as gameplay? writes: "Right now, I'm about 25% thorough Act 4 of MGS 4. Without counting the cut scenes, I estimate that my ACTUAL playtime, where I'm actually moving Snake around, is some where between 5 and 7 hours. Maybe more, maybe less. The problem is: There's only one act left. That means that there's, at best, 4 more hours of gameplay left.... Hopefully?

So how the heck did this game get billed as a 40 hour gameplay experience?"

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resistance1003801d ago

It never got billed as 40 hours of gameplay.

OPM stated it took 29hours to complete with 9hours of cutscenes.

Now if you take your time thats about right, or you can rush through and complete it in around the 16hour mark.

LGFreedom3801d ago

I'm gonna finish this game in 10 hours... maybe less, OPM is either lying or playing with one hand...

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3801d ago

I know what you mean I beat mass effect in 15 min. with a blindfold on while juggling hand grenades

Delriach3801d ago

I beat the game on Hard in 23 hours. Quite fun. The gameplay is as long as you make it depending on how you play. That's how MGS games generally have been.

Winter47th3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Doesn't matter whether you debate that cut scenes should be part of the gameplay as a whole or not, or should be counted as total gameplay hours.

MGS is a wonderful experience that won't be complete without the amazing cut scenes or the fun gameplay, combine those two in one game and you've perfection, that's what mainly separates MGS from the clones, the degree of care and dedication put into it by Kojima and his crew.

Coheno3801d ago

.... it isn't 40 hours, it's 20 hours if you rush it through. But if you want to see every corner, help all the militia and so on, it will take somewhat longer...

and anyway... who cares!? If you enjoy MGS, you enjoy the cutscenes... why is this such a suprise to everyone!?


Bravo! ;) :D

FordGTGuy3801d ago

know that in order to get the big boss face camo you have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty in 5 hours w/o killing or getting an alert.

barom3801d ago

I don't think anyone has billed it as 40 hours of gameplay. I think most of them said something along the lines of "40 hours first playthrough".

Dark General3801d ago

Act 3 last night and i have a total of 18 and a half hours put in. I'm more than sure that at least 14 of those hours were from playing the game. It's tooken me extremely long to take out the bosses with my tranquilizer gun, in fact the first boss i took over 2 hours to beat with my tranquilizer gun. I think like most said it depends on how you play the game. MGS is a STEALTH game first and foremost even though you can gun through the game. Though by doing that you won't get the satisfaction of sneaking through a heavy gaurded area not even being spotted once.

likeaboss3023801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I beat the game a little under 17 hours on Solid Normal and certainly didn't "rush" through it. I took my time, continue a few times as well along the way and watched the cutscenes.

mistertwoturbo3801d ago

The thing is, the cutscenes are intertwined with the gameplay. If it was 95% gameplay and 5% cutscenes, then it wouldn't be a metal gear game. Lovers wanna love, Haters wanna hate.

issa30323801d ago

This guy is so full of ish. I've just finished Act 2 of 5 and my playtime is almost 9 hours. This game looks to be about 20 hours to complete. BTW, if you haven't noticed the SAVE FILE TIME DOESN'T include cutscenes. So when it says 9 hours playtime, then you've actually played 9 hours.

BLuKhaos3800d ago

Wow what difficulty are you playing it in? and are you using the pistol or the sniper?,it took me 20 min to beat both pars of the first boss with the tranquilizer sniper on Solid normal.Now I'm going for my third play through with no alerts on on very easy(I'm in a hurry) and them i will go through it on the hardest difficulty.

Tarasque3800d ago

Well i beat it in little over 11 hour's on normal. But if you can skip past something in a game, be it cut scene's or level's. That is not gameplay cause you have an option of passing it. Gameplay hour's should be based on actual gameplay hour's. I am sure if they would have said actual gameplay hour's would have been 10 to 15 hour's, there would have been a big lash out.

likeaboss3023800d ago

Again how can some disagree with how long it took me to play the game. Did they watch me from start to finish? Some people on this site kill me.

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Retro-Virus3801d ago

Why skew facts eh ?

No one ever said it took 40 hrs, 29 hours was the OPM editors' take.

It took me about 30 hrs to finish.

REbirth3801d ago

i disagree with your disagrees:S :P

BulletToothtony3801d ago

Lono is getting flamed over there.. lol good.. he always has crap to say about ps3 games anyways.. time for haters to move on..

Fishy Fingers3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

LOL... Even sarcastic gamer are scrapping the barrel here. Funny that their review said that would give it 10/10.

I'll enjoy listening to people moan who havent played the game here.

Edit, LGFreedom (1.1 in gamer zone) is talking absolute rubbish! AKA lying, I've nearly completed it 3 times, Normal = 22 hours, hard = 27 hours... Extreme = not there yet (very hard surprisingly).

PoSTedUP3801d ago

im at act 4 and its been 19 i take my time : P

did you know you can get laffin octopuses face camo : P

resistance1003801d ago

It took me 16 hours 28mins on Naked Normal

chewy3173800d ago

nah those guys there are pros at mgs thats why they can complete it so quickly

syanara3800d ago

why does this matter anyways? why does it matter how long the gameplay is? its still great gameplay and anything 10 hours an over is good in my book not to mention mgo so why does this matter!?

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Vojkan3801d ago

Guy from Gamespot said 39 hours, but he was playing slowly, looking and going everywhere. Sarcastic gamer is know for hating Sony so dont pay attention

Pornlord3801d ago

Most of the flagship members of his site are Xboxgamer and X play 360 oriented members. He's a little biased, but he did say that he would give the game a 10/10 if he gave scores.

Caxtus7503801d ago

where did you get that they hate sony from??

They have their own podcast dedicated to Sony which is more than they have for the 360 and Wii. Almost all the hosts from the podcasts own a PS3 too.

I think the phrase is Epic Fail or perhaps just retarded. Enjoy the 2 bubbles ;)

Pornlord3801d ago

Well, I am at the 30 hour mark, but the first time through, I am killing EVERY PERSON AND ROBOT I SEE. Then I'm gonna go through it tranq and sneak method, and finish the game without no more than 5 Alert phases per chapter (tedioius but fun) This game is as long as you want it to be. You can rush through, but you will miss some cool scenes and some easter eggs if you do. Very high replay value for me.

himdeel3801d ago

...killing everything! You sir get a gold star for the day! I'm still having fun playing through MGS3 Snake Eater