Choose your own video game adventure

The Globe & Mail reports: "Activision is taking game design to the people. Sort of.

To help promote this fall's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which purportedly will provide players with significant control over the way the story unfolds-including which popular Marvel figures the web-slinger chooses to ally himself with-the American developer is asking visitors to the game's pre-launch site to take part in votes that will determine bits of content that will appear in the final game.

Upon hearing this my mind conjured up scenarios in which thousands of fans would collectively choose some of the wall-crawler's fighting moves and costumes, decide which villains may or may not be seen in the game, and perhaps even determine the fates of various characters.

Seems Activision has other plans.

So far, elections have focused solely upon the mundane. Visitors to the site have cast ballots on audio effects for various screams and cheers, and, as of this writing, voting subjects have devolved into determining the models that will represent a couple of female characters from the game at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. These referendums are little more than a promotional slap in the face; a cheap advertisement masquerading as a fan empowerment...."

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